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for tower cranes and construction hoist

  • Q1-Previously are you supply in India any where than please sand all address & phone no than we will visit and checking quality. 

    Answer: Yes, we have clients in your country, but they are my colleague’s clients. Firstly,I will ask for their opinions,if they agree ,i will tell you their address and phone number.
  • Q2- For the Building Hoist,if we add the frequency converter,what benefit we get?

    01- Install easily, Faults Display with Chinese and English Language, easy maintenance.
    02- Smaller impact to motor and mechanical parts, extending working life.
    03- Smaller electric current ,Saving energy and money.
    04- Rise and fall smoothly,no sense of slip.
    05- Can check the equipment working conditions in long-range control.
    06- Lower fault rate ,high working efficiency.
  • Q3- Any further spare parts if we need to keep in stock 

    Answer: We recommend you to buy the below spare parts together with the building hoist shipment:
    ATT Description of spare parts QTY need
    01 Fall arrester 1
    02 11kw driving motor 1
    03 driving reducer 1
    04 boom motor 1
    05 foundation bolt 8
    06 Idler wheel 1
    07 Back gear wheel 1
    08 cable 1
    09 Sensor pin 1
    10 Limit switch 1
    11 Overload limiter   1
    12 Spring 1

    We recommend you to buy the below spare parts together with the tower crane shipment:
    Description of Spare parts Qty need
    slewing motor 1
    slewing reducer 1
    mast bolts 8
    trolley wheel 8
    trolley limiter 1
    torque limiter 1
    overload limiter  1
    slewing limiter 1
    height limiter 1
    jacking motor 1
    jack cylinder 1
    lifting motor 1
    hook 1

  • Q4-Any material that we need to buy and tools required to execute installation 

    Answer: We will send you these tools with free cost shipped together with the construction hoist.
    Stt Descriptions of tools Qty
    01 ¢34 wrench 1
    02 ¢36 wrench 1
    03 ¢400 Adjustable Wrenches 1
    04 ¢14 Hex Wrenches 1
    05 ¢16 Hex Wrenches 1
    06 pliers 1
    07 screwdriver 1
    08 grease 4 package
    09 Grease gun 1
    10 safety belt 6
    We will send you these tools with free cost shipped together with the tower crane:
    Stt Description of tools Qty
    01 rope 1 sets
    02 rope clip 1 sets
    03 hammer 1 unit
    04 screwdriver 1 sets
    05 pliers  1 pc
    06 wrench 1 pc
    07 safety belt 1 pc
  • Q5- What materials we need to prepare before installation of the tower cranes or construction hoist ?

    Answer: You need to do the below preparation work before install your Tower cranes or Construction Hoist:
    Stt Description Qty
    01 installation worker 5 people
    02 25T truck crane 1 set
    03 The cable from your project distribution box to the building hoist distribution control box 1sets
    04 electrician 1 people

  • Q6-Your tower crane price is so high!

    Answer Step 1: Please tell us whose price is lower than ours ? please check the following items, is it same with us:
    01- Over 20 years manufacture experience, Quality assured.
    02- Have the ISO and CE market.
    03- With the Same equipment ? like motor brand, The motor brand ,electrics brand, mast size and thickness etc.
    04- with the same manufacture technical process ?
    05- the Difference Raw Materials, All the Raw materials comes to our factory need to do the test with The Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer.
    06- All the spare parts will be inspected before leave the factory.
    07- The difference of after services system.
    08- The project engineer (sales )working time in the company, in our company most of the sales has working more than 5 years in our company.
    Answer step 2: Can you tell us your Target Price ?
    01- There have many factors to change the price, like the spare parts stock conditions, Key spare parts brand, Delivery period, Quality Control, Payment terms, painting technical process and quality etc.
    02- We have exported many tower cranes to your market, (like xxx company), we give the same price with them.


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