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Who We Are ?
Tavol Cranes Group Co.,Ltd
---- The International Market Pioneer of Cranes and Lifting Machinery from China.
This is an esteemed, leading disciplined and quality manufacturer and service 
provider for the lifting, materials handling products and Construction Machinery 
for the Industry.
Over 20 years 1000+ Companies Create Great Value with Tavol Cranes and Lifting
Machines, We have 200+ Professionals at your Disposal.A Personalized, fast and 
Efficient Service.

Where We Are ?
Tavlo Group have 03 Factory Zone,and 01 Sales Office,All of them Locate under the World Famous Mountain Taishan.
  • Clients from Guinea Visited Our Factory

    On 10th Dec,the clients from Guinea came to visit our factory to see the production of gantry cranes and tower cranes.The client was a Frenchman who had lived in guinea for many years and ran a concrete plant. Although this was our first meeting, the customer showed his enthusiasm for us and said he had seen our products in Guinea. We are proud to hear that. Before this meeting, I supplied the offer of 5 ton gantry crane for them. At that time,the client did not give much feedback.And they were not decided to purchase the cable and drums or not. After they came this time, we were able to confirm some details. According to the customer's request, we made a quotation for them. In addition, the customer looked at the production of the lift platform in our workshop.They were very interested in the aluminum lifting platform and the mobile scissor lift platform. After comparing the price, the customer decided to choose the mobile scissor lift platform with a lift height of 5 meters. Read More

  • Classification of aluminum alloy lifting platform

    The aluminum alloy Lift is made of high-strength aluminum profile as a whole. Due to the high strength of the profile, it has beautiful appearance, small size, fast speed, fast and slow walking speed, and adjustable speed. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for efficient and safe production in modern enterprises.The main products are divided into single-column aluminum alloy, double-column aluminum alloy, and multi-column aluminum alloy lift. Read More

  • Philippines Customer come to inspect 6ton 5013 Tower Crane

    Tavol is the professional supplier of Tower Cranes and Construction Lifts. In September, the Philippines Client ordered 1set 6ton Tower Crane (Model 5013). The Client Company is the leading one in the industry of construction building requirements. Last week, Our Client from Philippines, Mr. Rufo came to inspect the 6ton tower crane Model 5013 before loading containers. Read More


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Sales Office: 15F, Guoshan Centre, No 46, Changcheng Road, 
Taian City, Shandong, China  
Fax: 0086-538-8520697


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