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Who We Are ?
Tavol Cranes Group Co.,Ltd
---- The International Market Pioneer of Cranes and Lifting Machinery from China.
This is an esteemed, leading disciplined and quality manufacturer and service 
provider for the lifting, materials handling products and Construction Machinery 
for the Industry.
Over 20 years 1000+ Companies Create Great Value with Tavol Cranes and Lifting
Machines, We have 200+ Professionals at your Disposal.A Personalized, fast and 
Efficient Service.

Where We Are ?
Tavlo Group have 03 Factory Zone,and 01 Sales Office,All of them Locate under the World Famous Mountain Taishan.
  • Tavol Cranes Group Commencement Ceremony

    At the beginning of the New Year, Vientiane is renewed. In the new year, Tavol will continue to adhere to the corporate spirit of "doing micro, not neglecting work, being diligent", and actively creating a good environment and atmosphere for the growth of the company and employees, and the development of market demand-oriented. Create a more brilliant tomorrow! Read More

  • 3ton Euro Type Gantry Crane is being Loaing for Our Qatar Client

    We received this 3 tons single girder gantry inquiry on August 31th, 2020. On Sep 1st, we prepared the offer and sent it to client. But we were told that they preferred rubber-tyred gantry crane. We replied to client in time that rubber-tyred gantry crane is not included in our business scope and its price is higher. And we looked forward to working with them next time. Luckily the client asked us to update the price of this 3 tons single girder gantry crane on Oct 21st. We revised the offer and also quoted installation charge in the offer. Read More

  • The Madrid trademark is successfully registered, Tavol Brand moves towards more and more countries.

    Tavol, a famous brand all over the world. With China's accession to the WTO and the acceleration of Chinese enterprises' "going out" pace, international protection issues have become increasingly prominent. In the face of fierce international market competition, as a benchmark company in the overhead crane, gantry crane industry, protecting our brand is an extremely important issue. Read More


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Sales Office: 15F, Guoshan Centre, No 46, Changcheng Road, 
Taian City, Shandong, China  
Fax: 0086-538-8520697


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