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Materials Handling Cranes and Hoist

  • Q1-What will be the average working lift of crane ?

    Answer: The utilization level and load status of the crane determine the work duty of the crane,after fixing the work duty. Under load conditions, it has a certain number of working cycles, that is working life.
    Generally speaking, the working life of the bridge crane A3~A5 is 25 years, and the life of A6~A7 is 20 years.
    There are many times overhauls to make for any crane throughout its life.replace some wearing parts during each overhaul,Such as wire ropes, rolling bearings, gears, wheels, brake friction plate, brake wheels and electrical equipment, etc.The replacement of these spare parts does not mean the end of the working life of the entire crane;
    But after many years working, once the severe fatigue cracks constantly appeared on the structure and make the crane or the trolley can not work properly, it is considered that the entire crane can not work safely.
    Therefore, the safe working life of a crane is mainly determined by how many years the metal structure does not produce fatigue cracks.
  • Q2-Please confirm if these hoists are heavy duty and can lift between 40 and 120 times per day (CD wire rope hoist/chain hoist)?

    Answer: It is better not to exceed 120 times for the continuous operation of the wire rope electric hoist,it will cause the motor to heat up too fast, and the heat production will be too fast, the motor will be hot soon. it will burn the motor and cause the wire rope hoist to be scrapped if continues to use it, .
    Although some wire rope electric hoists can continue to work for longer time, in order to make the wire rope electric extend working life, it is better to control it within 120 times per day.
  • Q3-Why Henan crane is much cheaper than yours?

    Answer: The price of the crane is determined by many factors, first of all is the steel structure, which directly determines the payload of the crane.
    The cranes manufactured by our factory can fully meet 1.25 times of the national standard static test . All products can be statically tested.We can't conclude whether other manufacturers can reach it or not,we can only guarantee that our product quality is good;
    Secondly, all of our wheels are heat-modulated wheels with higher hardness and more beautiful appearance. The cost is higher than other manufacturers. As far as I know, there are very few manufacturers using quenching wheels.
    All of our motors are three-in-one soft-start motors,which use high-precision gears and imported grease, there is no noise during working(better than ordinary motor with inverter), with characteristics of maintenance-free and gear-free wear . 
    All motors are used high temperature resistance copper wire and aluminum alloy shell,with characteristics of  light weight, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Quality of all parts is a key factor in determining the price.
  • Q4-Could you send me the gantry crane steel structure manufacturing drawing?

    Answer: We can discuss according to the specific situation.
    Manufacturing drawings are the core technology of our enterprise and can not be provided in principle.
  • Q5-Can the cranes be customized?

    Answer: All cranes are customized according to the customer's workshop and outdoor use. For some customers with special requirements, we can analyze according to the specific conditions.
  • Q6-Please share Safety Protection Devices of your crane

    Answer: The safety device of crane is mainly divided into two parts, one is lifting and the other is travelling. Both parts have corresponding limit switch devices, these are the essential accessories for cranes.
  • Q7-How can we install the Crane ?

    Answer: Cranes are special equipment, and installation must be carried out by qualified manufacturers and person.We suggest that we send professional engineer to help customers install, and also provide professional guidance to the customer's staff during the installation process;
    For some countries that we can not go, the installation can only be guided by phone and email.
    The most difficult part of the crane installation was the electrical part before.Now after years of experience accumulation, We have solved this problem by the circuit diagram and the corresponding line number. The installation of the mechanical part has corresponding marks on the structure of the crane components, so that the customer can install according to the number marked.
  • Q8-The crane is big , how to ship the crane to our country ?

    Answer: By sea or land delivery, for sure we can all solve it.
    Since the Crane structure is welding with the steel plate, we can separate the structure with two or three parts according to the span size to suitable for the land delivery or container delivery.
  • Q9-The space of my workshop is limited, can the crane workable for mine? 

    Answer: There are a lot of workshops of our clients with limited space,they all can use crane. The crane can be designed according to the actual space of the workshop.Our technicians will help customers solve it after the client providing detailed workshop size.
  • Q10-Does the price of rail include rail accessories ? What accessories include ?

    Answer: The accessories for rail of overhead crane include: hook rail,  bolts for hook rail, clamping plates, and bolts for clamping plates;
    the accessories for rail of the gantry crane include: clamping plates, bolts, and pressure plate.
  • Q11-Does the price of bus bar include accessories / what accessories include ?

    Answer: Accessories for seamless bus bar include: brackets, hangers, tensioners, current collector
    Tubular slide accessories include: brackets, hangers, connectors, and current collector       
  • Q12.-You are the manufacturer, so why do you still have no electric hoist in stock?

    Answer: We have already manufacture the regularly used model, we will have stock when you buy next time.
    There is no stock for the special customized model,we can design manufacture according to your requirement.
  • Q12-Which model of your hoist has the best quality?

    Answer: At present, the electric hoist is divided into two types, one is the ordinary wire rope electric hoist, the motor is the Nanjing Brand and the reducer all use Jiangyin gear, the electrical parts is Chint, after decades of experience, as long as the formal operation, three five There will be no problems in 5 years if operate properly (except for easily wearing parts,we will send the easily wearing parts  to customers with free charge);
    There is also a European-style hoist, European hoist motor can be imported according to customer requirements;
    The quality of both of above hoists is good .
  • Q13-Any further spare parts if we need to keep in stock 

    Answer: The accessories is different according to the different model of the cranes purchased, and the accessories are recommended according to the model you want to buy.
  • Q14-Any material that we need to buy and tools required to execute installation 

    Answer: We will send corresponding tool list to you according to the model of the cranes you buy.


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