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    Pre Sale
    Customer Demand + Excellent Sales Team=  Buy Save Worry 
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    During Sale
    Excellent Manufacture Team + High Quality Parts  + Perfect Delivery Service= Buy Rest Assured    
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    After Sale
    Professional Maintenance Service Team + Perfect After-sale Service= Use at Ease
01- Sales Agent or Delears Welcomed.
02- For the End User, Tavol Have the excellent Project Engineer can help you to solve all your questions during the pre sale, manufacture, delivery, installation and after service work.
03- For the Trading Company or Third Party, Tavol will help you to protect your Profit, Won't Loot your Client, also project your Client Secret.
04- Tavol Welcome to corporate with the Thirdy Party to made the Company or Product Promotions in Newspapers, Exhibitions, Bill board, Magazines etc. All the Cost arised can be collect from Tavol Company.
05- Tavol can dispatch the Project engineer or Manager comes to your courtry to visit your client together with your team.
06- Tavol will supply the Company Brochures, PPT, Project List, Certificate, Videos, etc all the promotion materials with free cost.
Sheering Machie
Sheering Machie
Drilling Machine
CNC Machine
Sawing Machine
Sawing Machine
 Vertical Lathe
Bending Machine
Welding Machine
CNC Cutting Machine
Welding Arm
Welding Machine
Robot Welding
Sheering Machine
Bending Machine
Punching Machine
Drilling Machine
Sawing Machine
Workshop Office
Electric Control Room
Raw Materials Area
Sand Blasting
Flat Car Handling
Flat Car Handling
Flat Car Handling
Paulin Packing
Container Packing
Machine Tool Area
Spare Parts Room
Hoist Assembly Area
EOT Crane
Double Girder EOT Crane
Flat Transport Car
Lift Table
Mobile Yard Ramp
All Materials Will be Inspected Strictly before Get in Our Factory.All Satisfied Materials Will be Labeled in Our Workshop
Hoist and Spare Parts 
Main Girders
  • Q1- Do you have office in local? who will do the repair or service in case trouble arises after installation?

    01- We have no Office in Your Country.
    02- For this Cranes/hoist, it just a Machine tools, Nearly all the machine is metal structure, It not easy failure, In order to avoid the future troubles, All Tavol Machines Spare Parts adopt the Top Brand and Quality, our Aid is to made Tavol Cranes Maintenance-free. 
    03- There have Thousands of Tavol Machines Working and Service in 80+ countries, We won’t create troubles for both of us.
    04- For the installation Supervisor, Your own installation and maintenance team will be built during the installation, Our engineer will tell them how to solve the small failure when it happen.
    05- There must have many mechanical and electrical maintenance company or people in your country, once any urgent issues, they will help you also, We have some other clients to do these work, We can tell them to help you, however, you will more easier to find out these people because you are local People, Once the big failure, we can dispatch our engineer comes to solve it.
  • Q2- If services is free of charge if there is some problem arise after sales.

    01- Tavol will take responsibility for Tavol Machines during the whole working Life, Supply the full spare parts and after service for all its working life.
    02- During the warranty period, we follow the company stipulations, After the warranty period, the buyer should take the cost according to the actual conditions, like spare parts failure, need to buy the new spare parts, also pay for its delivery cost.
    03- Since Tavol have many project in your country, when any other project proceed the installation supervisor work, our engineer can come to do some maintenance work for your machine, like this way, it will be free, you just need pay for their food, cars or hotel etc local charges which arise during stay in your company.
  • Q3- In order for us to deal with this payment conditions we would need you to agree on a Down Payment Guarantee , Is this possible for you?

    01- Yes, it is acceptable.
    02- For the Bank and Payment issues, we have the account in Bank of China, China Construction Bank and China Minsheng Bank.
    03- For the Down payment Guarantee, Please Transfer the amount to below bank:
    Beneficiary Name: Shandong Tavol Construction Engineering Co. ,Ltd 
    Address: 15F, Guoshan Center, Changcheng Rd,Taian City, Shandong Province, China
    Beneficiary Bank: China Minsheng Banking Corp.,Ltd,Taian Branch 
    Bank Address:Yudu Building, No.116 Dongyue Street, Taian City, Shandong Province, China
    Beneficiary Bank Accountant: 630912925
  • Q4- Do you have project in our country ?

    01- Yes, We have many project in your country.
    02- Tavol Group is an esteemed, leading disciplined and quality manufacturer and service provider for the Lifting, Materials Handling and Construction Machinery for the Industry.
    Over 20 years comes from 80+ Countries 1000+ Companies Create Great Value with Tavol Cranes and Lifting Machines.
  • Q5- Do you have bank credit certification ?

    01- Yes, This is Workable.
    02- Normally when we do the business with L/C payment terms, there has the stipulation on the LC terms to collect the Bank Credit Report, Our bank will issue as the request of the L/C stipulations.
    03- When we open the bank account, there also have a certificate, Please check attached documents, hope it will satisfy to your request also.
  • Q6- Do you have local agent in our country ?  Can we get spare parts in our country ?

    01- We have some dealers in your country, You can get some spare parts from them when it is necessary.
    02- Normally our company appoint some dealers in your country, we won’t appoint the sole agent easily, there won’t have too many spare parts in stock, when necessary, we can delivery from our factory by air or by sea directly.
    03- Our Machine mainly fabricated with steel metals, it won’t have too many easy damaged spare parts, Even so, we will delivery some easy damaged spare parts together with the shipment to avoid your future troubles.
  • Q7- How many employees do you have?

    01- Tavol Group have 03 Factory Zone, and 01 Sales Office, All of them Locate under the World Famous Mountain Taishan.
    02- We have 200+ Professionals at your Disposal. A Personalized, fast and Efficient Service, including Tavol Machinery factory with 60+ employees, Tavol Heavy Machinery Factory with 80+ employees, Tavol Construction factory with 100+ employees, and Tavol Sales company with 30+ employees.
    03- Over 20 years 80+ Countries 1000+ Companies Create Great Value with Tavol Brand Machines.
  • Q8- Are your products American standard and European standard?

    01- We follow with China National Standard.
    02- There have some core spare parts is workable in Tavol Machine, Like Demag hoist, Schneider electrics, Sew drives system, SKF gears etc. We can adopt some brand spare parts from American or European country.
    03- We update the technical with some European brand, like the assembly, welding, painting etc. However, it still under the China National standard yet, At present, All of the World market with China Standard Products, it is Quality assured.
  • Q9- Are you a group company?

    01- Yes, Tavol Group have 03 Factory Zone, and 01 Sales Office, All of them Locate under the World Famous Mountain Taishan.
    02- We have 200+ Professionals at your Disposal. A Personalized, fast and Efficient Service, including Tavol Machinery factory with 60+ employees, Tavol Heavy Machinery Factory with 80+ employees, Tavol Construction factory with 100+ employees, and Tavol Sales company with 30+ employees.
    03- Except the factory, Tavol group also have a Finance Company and a Internet Company.
  • Q10- Your warranty is only for one year. Does your crane break down after one year?Which parts break easily?

    01- Yes, Our Machines Warranty Period is one Year, During this year, All the broken parts will be send with free against the broken pictures. 
    02- This is the standard warranty terms for most of the machines, not only it is made for Tavol Separately, It not means that our machine will break down after one year, there have their own working life according to different working conditions, Under normal conditions, its working life 20-30 years. 
    03- The Mainly machine body with metal structure, it not easy break, Some electric parts, motors, gearbox, brakes, bus bars etc small parts maybe break, Since the China Quality is more and more better, its working life also change with more and more longer.


• Cranes Machinery 
• Agricultural Machinery
• Materials Handling Machinery
• High-precision sensor


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