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Recently, We have Received a lot of Complaints about Distributors and Exclusive Agency. Some Clients have Carried out Business Negotiations in the name of Tavol brand Agents, Which has Brought Great Trouble to Existing Distributors of Tavol.
In order to Standardize the Tavol Brand, It is hereby Stated that the Distributor and Exclusive Agency Certificate Without the Signature of the Managering Director will officially become Invalid from January 1, 2023.
The Sales Manager of Tavol Company will Re-issue the Certificate According to the New Distributor and Exclusive Agency Rules.
The Agreement and Certificate must is Signed and Stamped by the Managing Director, Take Effect after Delivery by the International Express in Quadruplicate (the Manager Director Keeps one Copy, Sales Manager keeps one Copy, Delivery two Copies to the Client).
Tavol reserves the right to modify, if there is any modification, without prior notice. Special Noted !
Shandong Tavol Group Co.,Ltd
December 1st, 2023
Tavol Brand Distributors and Exclusive Agent Rules
Shandong Tavol Group Co.,Ltd Located in No. 46, Changcheng Road, Taishan District, Tai'an City, Shandong,China, Mainly Engaged in Investment and Financing Activities, Selling Cranes, Material Handling, Construction, Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Etc.

Tavol Products have been Exported to More than 100 Countries and Regions in the World, and Have Obtained the Madrid International Trademark, and have a High Brand Awareness in Most Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe Countries.

In order to Expand the Sales Volume of Tavol Products, Realize the Development Goals of Tavol Company, and Protect the Interests of Distributors, also the Sales Manager of Tavol, In the Spirit of Developing More Business Partners, We made this Rules, Hope Tavol will Assist you Success. 
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