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  • 2 Sets of Hydraulic Cargo Lift were Delivered to South Africa

    We got cargo lift inquiry from south africa client on 12th,September ,2019. This customer’s main business is sheet metal. They bought this cargo elevator to lift up raw material from ground
    floor to second floor in customer’s factory.As far as we know,Tavol hydraulic cargo lift , is also called vertical freight elevator that using for transfer cargo between different floors by the electric 
    and hydraulic system. This freight elevator is made by strong performance steel structure and hydraulic & electric control system.Tavol vertical elevator lift use hydraulic cylinder as a 
    major power. 

  • Tavol Brand 5013 Tower Crane was Installed in Cambodia

    Tavol brand Tower Cranes was shipped to Cambodia last month. The clients is arranging the installation recently. This set of tower crane is used for our old client’s new project. This client have several construction companies, and we have cooperated with each other for a long time. They have ever visited our city and factory last year. They are our old clients and our old friends, we are keeping good relationship. Last year, in December, they ordered this Tower Crane,and because they need the Tower Crane in hurry, so we finished the production in advance.

  • Tavol cargo Lift elevator runs well in Wellington Airport in New Zealand

    We got inquiry for cargo lift form New Zealand Client Mr Cameron on July 23rd, 2019. Mr Cameron was interested in our product: cargo lift. Double rail hydraulic cargo lift platform is used for transfer cargo between different floors. It is widely used in factories, construction buildings even private homes.


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