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  • What are the advantages of the European type electric hoist?

    What are the advantages of Europern type 01- Euro design hoist is light in weight, which can reduce the load of workshop. 02- Euro design hoist is small in size. Due to the mechanical structure of the high-speed motor and the hard-tooth surface deceleration system, through different layouts and transmission mechanisms, a small size is achieved, low clearance can be achieved, Flexible operation and reliable performance.

  • Tavol 1.5 Ton Stationary Scissor Lift in Sri Lanka

    The stationary scissor lift platform is an electric hydraulic lift platform with a shear lifting structure, which has a huge weight, a smooth lift, and a stable structure. The load ranges from 0.2 to 20 tons and can be customized as needed. Stationary scissor lift can be installed in the foundation pit, and the platform is flat with the ground level. Stationary scissor lift can also be designed of special plate, for the forklift or the car to go from the board to the platform. The stationary scissor lift has the characteristics of stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance advantages.

  • Classification of aluminum alloy lifting platform

    The aluminum alloy Lift is made of high-strength aluminum profile as a whole. Due to the high strength of the profile, it has beautiful appearance, small size, fast speed, fast and slow walking speed, and adjustable speed. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for efficient and safe production in modern enterprises.The main products are divided into single-column aluminum alloy, double-column aluminum alloy, and multi-column aluminum alloy lift.

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