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What are the advantages of the European type electric hoist?

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At present, the electric hoist is divided into two types, one is the ordinary wire rope electric hoist, the motor is the Nanjing Brand and the reducer all use Jiangyin gear, the electrical parts is Chint, after decades of experience, as long as the formal operation, three five There will be no problems in 5 years if operate properly (except for easily wearing parts,we will send the easily wearing parts  to customers with free charge.

There is also a European-style hoist, European hoist motor can be imported according to customer requirements; The quality of both of above hoists is good. So let me introduce our Euro type electric hoist for you.

What are the advantages of  European type electric hoist?

Euro type electric hoist Euro type electric hoist2

01- Euro design hoist is light in weight, which can reduce the load of workshop.

02- Euro design hoist is small in size. Due to the mechanical structure of the high-speed motor and the hard-tooth surface deceleration system, through different layouts and transmission mechanisms, a small size is achieved,  low clearance can be achieved, Flexible operation and reliable performance.

03- Euro design hoist has a more compact structure and a more stable operation.

04- Euro design hoist has high assembly precision, convenient transportation and long service life.

05- Euro design hoist reduce blind spots in the same workshop and work area, save investment, improve efficiency and reduce customer costs.

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