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New design 2ton Construction Building Hoist

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The SC series of construction elevators are widely used at the sites of industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction, ship industry and so on. Being suitable for the vertical transport of materials and people, they can also be used as permanent / semi-permanent electric elevators and in various sites like warehouses and high towers.

This series of construction elevators, which are known for their stable performance, reliable safety, easy transportation and strong adaptability, can enhance work efficiency and reduce workers labor intensity.

Adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad.SC series construction elevator is novel in design, reasonable in structure,simple in operation,convenient in assembly and disassembly safe and reliable in working.

The unit is provided with reliable safety interlock devices,safetyswitch, breakage protection swtich, upper and lower limit switches, etc. Progressive dropping safety  device and safety protection hook are provided. The safety design and configuration fully comply with national standards.

lifter construction lifter

The advantage of new design construction hoist:

1- One year warranty for whole machines. 

2- Providing free quick-wear part.

3- Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

4- Exclusive engineer support at any time.

5- Free training to end-users.

6- 24 hours online service and support

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