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LHE Model 10tons FEM Standard European Design Double Girder Overhead Cranes

LHE Model 10tons FEM Standard European Design Double Girder Overhead Cranes.
Double girder overhead crane capacity:LHE3 - 80 ton
Overhead crane span: 6m - 31.5 m
Overhead crane lift height: 3m - 60m
Working Temperature: -25 to 40°C
  • LHE Model 10tons FEM Standard European Design Double Girder Overhead Cranes.

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Product Description

LHE Model 10tons FEM Standard European Design Double Girder Overhead Cranes.


Concerned on meeting customers' material handling requirements, we are always focusing on quality and product innovation to provide you good quality, safe and reliable material handling equipment to realize our goal that to lift you up easily and create more values for customer in long run. European style double girder overhead crane is one successful innovation for us to step that goal.


LHE Model European double girder overhead crane is the latest version of overhead crane, designed with FEM standards, developed on the base of traditional crane, therefore, European double girder overhead crane has unbeatable advantages, such as, unparalleled performance, tight structure, light dead weight, high safety and reliability, high perform efficiency, and widely applications for various industries.


Due to the design advantages, European double girder overhead crane could help you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase productivity, and lower efforts for daily maintenance, and reduce energy consumption, and obtain higher return on investment.

10t euro design crane

What Different Between LHE Model and the LH Model Universal Double Girder Overhead Crane ?

Item 1- Lifting Mechanism

LH Model design with the Chinese Traditional Design CD/MD or HC Model Wire Rope Hoist.

LHE Model design with FEM European design Wire rope Hoist, with advantages:


01- Euro design hoist is light in weight, which can reduce the load of workshop.

02- Euro design hoist is small in size.

Due to the mechanical structure of the high-speed motor and the hard-tooth surface deceleration system, through different layouts and transmission mechanisms, a small size is achieved,  low clearance can be achieved, Flexible operation and reliable performance.

03- Euro design hoist has a more compact structure and a more stable operation.

04- Euro design hoist has high assembly precision, convenient transportation and long service life.

05- Euro design hoist reduce blind spots in the same workshop and work area, save investment, improve efficiency and reduce customer costs.

Euro hoist Trolley

Item 2: Work Duty

The cranes work duty is expressed in different ways according to the manufacturing standards of different countries.

For example, the Chinese international standard is GB, the international standard is ISO, and the European standard is FEM. Although the name is different, the corresponding standards are the same.

such as: The China standard A4 corresponds to the international standard M4 and the European standard 1Am;

the China standard A5 corresponds to the international standard M5 and the European standard 2m.

We have a detailed standard comparison table, which can be provided for your reference if necessary.


LH Model with the standard Work duty M3 and M4, Suitable work in the Light and Middle work duty Working Conditions.

LHE Model follow the FEM Standard with the M5 Grade, belongs to Middle and Heavy Duty, suitable in all kinds industry, Like Machinery, Metallurgy, Electric Power, Railway, Water Conservancy, Port, Aviation, Military, Auto, Shipbuilding, Petroleum, Chemical, Plastic, Coal, Steel Fabricators, Pre-Cast Concrete, Steel Warehouses, Steel fabricated building, Marble and Stone and other field.

Euro Design Crane



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