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ZBPT-16 Towable Diesel Boom Lift Delivered to Mozambique

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The articulated boom lift platform can overhang operation ,can overcome some obstacles or in a point lifting for more point work .this kind of lift can rotate 360 degrees load capacity big, available to two people for working at the same time and carry some tools; mobile flexible, transfer work place convenient ,appearance beautiful.

Trailer boom lifts are widely used in highways, boat yards shopping walls, stadiums, dock, station, marketplaces, gymnasiums and residential property, workshop, residential property, mining workshops and any other isometric maintenance operation of complex high-altitude construction and other large range homework place.

We got inquiry for the boom lift from Mozambique client on 2019/12/02. After 2 weeks communication, we solved all question regarding the boom lift. And we sent running video and loading video to customer. As customer was also professional in using this towable boom lift and was satisfied with our product and factory quality control, customer confirmed order very soon.

After 15 days manufacture, we completed production of the diesel boom lift. Before delivery, our production department tested this boom lift at least 5 times to make sure every part work well and whole machine in good condition.

Mozambique client bought boom lift is mainly used to maintain traffic light because sometimes there is obstacle on road. When the boom lift raise, it’s more convenient to reach the light. 

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Information of this towable diesel boom lift as follows:

  1. Model: ZBPT-16

  2. Load capacity: 200kg(one/two people)

  3. Platform size: 1200*800mm

  4. Railing height: 1100mm

  5. Power supply: Diesel

  6. Rotation: 360°

  7. Movement: towed by truck

  8. Free sparepats: limit switch, oil seal ring, oil pipe

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 When we delivered, we fixed the main part to container by strong wire rope to make sure the safety during transportation.

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