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Welcome Philippine customers to visit our factory and place the Tower Crane order

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Welcome Philippine customers to visit our factory and place the Tower Crane order

As we know, the tower crane is the most commonly used lifting equipment on the construction site, also known as the “Tower Crane”. It is used for lifting steel bars and rafts. Raw materials are used for construction such as concrete and steel pipes. Tower Crane is an essential equipment on the construction site.

During 25-26 th ,August ,2019, our Philippine clients visited our factory. We knew each other more than half year, and they are welcomed to visit our factory. The clients visited our factory workshop. They checked our production progress and checked our Tower Cranes' quality.

tower crane constructin hoist

They checked the details carefully, and they gave us good evaluation for our Tower Cranes and workers. They said our mast sections are very stronger than others factory ‘s design. Then, the clients visited our building hoist’s workshop,and checked the quality for their next order.

After checking our factory and Tower Cranes and Building Hoists, we discussed the details of the Tower Cranes and confirmed the order. Hope we can build long -term cooperation in the near future.

If you have any needs for the Tower Cranes and Building Hoists,Please contact us . And Welcome to visit our factory.




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