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LD Single girder Overhead Crane Description

5 ton Overhead Crane Single Girder Top Running type for warehouse and factory
overhead crane capacity:LD500kg - LD32 ton
overhead crane span: 6m - 31.5 m
overhead crane lift height:3m - 60m
  • LD Single girder Overhead Crane Description
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Product Description

LD model single girder overhead crane consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck.The electric hoist (electric wire rope hoist & electric chain hoist) are underhung—meaning they run on the bottom flange of the single girder.


01- Single Girder Overhead Crane Structure:

LD 5 ton Overhead Crane Single Girder Top Running type for warehouse and factory consists of one overhead crane beam supported on each side by an overhead crane end truck. The electric hoist (electric wire rope hoist & electric chain hoist) running on the bottom flange of the main girder.


Single girder overhead crane is also called single beam bridge crane, single girder overhead travelling crane, EOT crane, usually used in plant, warehouse, stock ground, different places to lift goods.  

According to main girder and hoist type, it separate with two type:

1- LD Overhead Crane Single Beam Universal Design

2- LD Overhead Crane Single Box type girder Design


5 ton bridge crane universal design with CD/MD Hoist


5 ton overhead crane box girder design with CD/MD Hoist

02- Single girder Overhead Crane Specification:



Reference Data


Single girder overhead crane capacity

500kg, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 32 ton,


Single girder overhead crane Span

6 - 31.5 meter


Single girder crane Lifting height

3- 60 meter


Single girder bridge crane Work duty

A3/M3 ; A4/M4; A5/M5


Overhead Crane Control method

Remote control & Pendant control


Electrical parts

CHINT or Schneider


Overhead Crane Motors

China Nanjing brand


Overhead Crane Bearings

China famous brand "HRB"


Overhead Crane Hook

Forged hook with safety lock


Overhead Crane Hoist Lifting speed

0-8M/Min (8/0.8m/min)


Crane hoist Traverse speed



Single girder Bridge Crane Long travelling speed

0-20M/Min (20/30m/min)


Variable frequency drives


  03- Single girder overhead crane Application: 

LD model single girder bridge crane mainly used for manufacturing and maintenance applications.

It is widely applicable to multiple fields such as: Pre Engineered Steel Building, Steel Plant, Steel Product Maker, Oil Industry, Plastic Plant, Cement Plant, Power Plant , Mine Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Cable Plant, Machine Tools, Car/Truck Industry, Transport Company, Construction Company, Electrical Company, Shipyard, Stone Yard, Installation and Maintenance etc.

Single girder overhead crane and electric hoist structures are manufactured by strictly following European-style technology standards and Chinese national standards.

Single girder overhead crane is typically less expensive due to:

1. Reduction in freight expenses

2. Faster installation

3. Simpler hoist and trolley design

4. Lighter runway beams 

04- Single girder overhead crane Package:

1. Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion

in conveying;

2. Main beams, end beams are packed by plastic woven cloth, to reduce

abrasion when transport.

3. Whole set of overhead crane will be shipped by container or by bulk.




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