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How to choose China's high quality and good price mechanical suppliers

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Thanks for your trust on our China- Made products. Let me give you a brief introduction to how to find a truly good and cheap mechanical brand in China. As you know.The main producers are in China, because of China's strong manufacturing capacity and demographic dividends. And the most economical and affordable is in Shandong province,China.

Why Choose Shandong Province?

Shandong province’s comparative advantage lies in China's low labor costs, low resource prices, low transportation costs (good infrastructure), especially labor costs, which have long been regarded as the main comparative advantage:

1. Shandong's unique geographical and human advantages.

2. Shandong province is close to the sea, so the land freight is low.

3. Shandong province has a large population, so the labor cost is low.

Therefore, the comprehensive cost of Shandong is low, and Shandong is in the period of full support of China's national policy. The state supervision is strict and the product quality is excellent. Choose suppliers in Shandong province, it is really a good choice.

 Why Choose Tavol Cranes Group?

 1.The Advantage of Qingdao Port in Shandong Province

The international shipping center is that the international shipping center city can be summarized as follows: waterway, berth with sufficient water depth, developed hinterland economy, sufficient area of dock land and modern loading and unloading equipment, perfect service facilities and Advanced management system, stable political and economic system and legal norms. Therefore, the evaluation of international shipping centers can be carried out in six aspects: natural conditions, economic level in the hinterland, port hardware level, port software level, collection and distribution capacity, systems and policies and regulations.

crane manufacturer in China Tavol crane workshop

2. Leader of the Lifting Industry in Shandong Province, China.

1)Exported to more than 100 countries.

2)Praised by all customers 

3)Thoughtful design, Thick material

Crane workshop Professional manufacturer

TAVOL Product  Advantages

Tavol Cranes Group is a professional crane manufacturer in Shandong province, China. Significantly increase labor productivity. that is to say, more products can be produced per unit time, and each labor input can create higher output value, and it can free workers from conventional manual labor and switch to more creative work.

Secondly, the product quality is highly repetitive and consistent, which can greatly reduce the rate of failure.

Thirdly, significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Machine automation assembly produces very short beats that achieve high productivity while the machine can run continuously, thus significantly reducing manufacturing costs under high-volume production conditions. Fourth, the product has high precision. A variety of high-precision guidance, positioning, feed, adjustment, inspection, vision systems or components are used on the machine to ensure high precision in product assembly and production.


Thank you for trust on our Tavol products. Hope we may have the opportunity to cooperate with each other.