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How to Maintenance your Tower Cranes?

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How to Maintenance your Tower Cranes?

Tower crane , also named crane tower . The tower crane is used for housing construction in the vertical and horizontal transportation of materials and the installation of building components mainly.

To ensure the safe and economical use of tower crane, to extend its service life, must do a good job of tower crane maintenance and repair and lubrication work.

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Tower Crane Maintenance

1.1 Always keep the machine clean and timely cleaning

1.2 Check the oil content of the reducer, timely refueling

1.3. Pay attention to check the wire rope loose, broken wire, wear phenomena. If more than the relevant provisions must be promptly replaced.

1.4 Check the performance of the brake, clearance, must ensure a reliable sensitivity

1.5 Check the sensitivity of each safety device reliability

1.6 Check the bolts connections, especially the tower standard section connecting bolts, when each use for some time, you must re-tighten.

1.7 Check the rope head pressure plate, clamp, etc. are loose, should be fastened

1.8 Wire rope, reel, pulley, hook and other scrapped, should be strictly enforced GB5144-85, and GB5972-86 requirements.

1.9 Check the metal components of the bar, belly and weld cracks, Special attention should be paid to where and where the paint strippings .Especially in the paint 45 ° oblique strip stripping the most dangerous.The cause must be promptly identified and dealt with promptly

1.10 All parts of the tower (including the connection of the base section and the base) of the bolt nut, the connection diameter greater than Φ20 pins are all special parts, in any case, absolutely not allowed to substitute

1.11 After each use of a machine and metal structures, should be rust and spray paint once

1.12 Check the spreader automatic transfer rate device and hook off the rope device is safe and reliable

1.13 Observe the electrical contacts are oxidized or burned, if any contact should be repaired or replaced

1.14 The limit switches and buttons shall not malfunction, parts rust or damage should be replaced

1.15 The electrical switch, and switch board insulation must be good, the insulation resistance should not be less than 0.5MΩ

1.16 Check the electrical components of the fastening bolts are loose, cable and other wires are broken, if there should be promptly excluded.

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