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Glory belongs to everyone, let us move forward hand in hand

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The November is the month of glory, TAVOL Group stores launched large-scale promotional activities at the beginning of the month. While giving buyers a pleasant surprise, the excellent salesmen of TAVOL Group also witnessed their hard work. As an established and high-quality supplier of Alibaba International Station, every transaction is a testimony to our strength and the hard work of our sales staff.With unremitting persistence and hard work, we have won one customer after another.

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Alibaba International Station will select high-quality suppliers every year. This year, TAVOL Group won the first and second prizes in several selections. Not only obtained the certification of three-star and four-star merchants, but also won the first place in the list of heroes of letter of credit transactions. I believe that in November we will not only gain glory, but also continue to receive more orders. Because at the beginning of the month, in order to comply with the domestic e-commerce festival Double 11, TAVOL Group decided to let the country International buyers felt the shopping boom in our country, so they decided to use the greatest discounts and offers to join buyers from all over the world to advance and retreat together during the epidemic.

Hand in hand with TAVOL, give you safe protection,high-quality service