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Why choose Tavol?

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Why choose Tavol?

Part 1: Raw material control:

Our quality:                                                                                                                      

1. The raw material procurement process is strict and has been inspected by quality inspectors.

2. The materials used are all steel products from major steel mills, and the quality is guaranteed.

3. Strictly code into inventory.

Other suppliers:

1. Cut corners, such as: originally used 8MM steel plate, but used 6MM for customers.

2. As shown in the picture, old equipment is often used for refurbishment.

3. Procurement of non-standard steel from small manufacturers, product quality is unstable, and safety risks are high.

raw material 

Part 2: The design of main girder

Our quality:

1. The design of the main beam is a square box with a compact structure.

2. It can save installation space and improve the high utilization rate of the workshop.

3. Beautiful appearance.

Main beam

Part 3: Travelling motor

1. Motor reducer and brake are three-in-one structure

2. Low noise, stable operation and low maintenance cost

3. The motor's built-in anti-drop chain can prevent the motor's bolts from being loosened, and avoid the harm to the human

 body caused by the accidental fall of the motor, which increases the safety of the equipment

travelling motor

Part 4: Electric control system

1. Adopting Japanese Yaskawa or German Schneider inverters not only make the crane run more smoothly 

and safely, but also the fault alarm function of the inverter makes the maintenance of the crane easier and more intelligent.

2. The self-adjustment function of the inverter allows the motor to self-adjust its power output according to

 the load of the hoisted object at any time, which not only increases the service life of the motor, but also saves

 the power consumption of the equipment, thereby saving the factory Cost of electricity.

Electric control system