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What’s the main safety device of 1ton construction material hoist?

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What's the main safety device of 1ton construction material hoist?

SS-series materials hoist is a wire-rope towing-type equipment for vertical cargo transportation, with winch for transmission, characterized by novel structure and high performance cost ratio, easy to install, provided with a full set of safety devices according with nation standard, safe and reliable in use, able to meet the vertical materials lifting requirements in the construction of various industrial and civil buildings, bridge piers of railways and highways. This product is a new substitute for old gantry hoist.

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What’s the main safety details & protection system of SS100/100 1ton material hoist?

1. Weight limiter

The multi-function limiter has a weight control function and has upper and lower limit functions. It can restrict that the weight of the lifting item should not exceed the maximum load allowed by the hoist and prevent the roof from falling and collision.

2. Broken rope safety device

This construction material elevator is provided with a progressive rope breaking protection device. When the wire rope which drive the cage is slack or broken, the brake block embedded with the non-metallic friction material produces a certain pressure on the rail frame guide rail to realize the braking, and the cage is stagnated on the rail frame. When the wire rope which drive the cage is tightened, the pressure generated by the brake block on the guide rail disappears, and the brake block is separated from the guide rail. Maintain a clearance of 3-5 mm between the brake block and the rail frame, the guide rail to ensure that the cage can move freely up and down.

3. Anti-roof falling control function

When the misoperation occurs, the power of the construction elevator is cut off, the winch stops working, then roof accident is prevented, and the elevator is safe and reliable.

4. Anti-loose rope, chaotic rope function

When the bottom of the cage just touches the ground, the stroke switch action can make the building hoist automatically stop running, thus ensuring that the wire rope will not be in a slack state, and the hoisting machine reel wire rope is always arranged neatly to avoid loose rope and chaotic rope.

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