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What is the Main Components of Tower Crane?

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Tavol tower crane is characterized by horizontal jib frame, trolley travel, slewing self-climbing, novel structure and reliable running. All accessories are adopted from home famous brands and electrical components from international famous brands. Tavol self-erecting tower crane consists of metal structure, working mechanism, electrical control and safety protection devices. The structure and characteristics of each part are as follows:

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Part 1. Tower Crane Metal Structure Part:

The metal structure mainly includes a chassis, tower body, jacking-up frame, lower turntable, upper turntable, driver's cab, hammerhead, balance jib, lifting jib, trolley,

hooks and wall tie.

1.1 Chassis: which is fixed to the foundation by 16 anchor bolts embedded in the foundation, and four support seats on the chassis are connected to the tower base section through the connecting sleeve.

1.2 Tower crane body: is composed of 11 tower sections. The tower body section is a long square space truss structure welded by the main limb angle steel. The outer dimensions are 1.6m×1.6m, and each section is 2.5m long. Eight sets of 10.9 M27 high-strength bolts are used in every two sections. There is a ladder inside each tower section for operation and maintenance personnel to use when going up and down the tower crane, and there is a rest platform every 3 sections. Each standard section is interchangeable, changing the number of installation sections of the standard section of the tower body, and the crane can achieve different lifting heights.

1.3 jacking frame: composed of a sleeve frame, an introduction platform, a working platform, a roller, a claw and a hydraulic jacking device. The jacking beam of the hydraulic jacking device is hung on the beam on the rear side of the sleeve, and the pumping station is placed on the working platform. Together, they form a hydraulic jacking mechanism.

1.4 Lower turntable: a whole box-shaped structure, and the lower part of the lower support is respectively connected with the standard section and the sleeve of the tower body, and the upper plane is closely attached to the lower plane of the outer ring which is not rotated by the slewing bearing and is connected by a high-strength bolt, and is connected with the slewing bearing. The high-strength bolt pre-tightening torque is 500N.m.

1.5 Up Turntable: a plate-shell structure, and the right side is welded with a flange for mounting a swing mechanism, the upper support has a working platform on both sides, the front end of the left work platform is installed with a driver's cab, and the upper plane of the upper support passes through 8 sets. The high-strength bolt pair is connected to the rotating tower body.

1.6 Driver's room: is a thin plate structure, and the side is placed at the front end of the platform on the right side of the upper support. There are large-area glass windows around the front window. The front upper window can be opened, the view is wide, beautiful and comfortable, and there is a linkage console

1.7 Slewing tower: The slewing tower is an integral frame structure, and the upper end is respectively connected with the top of the tower, the jib and the balance arm, and the lower end is connected with the upper support by 8 sets of high-strength bolt pairs.

1.8 Hammerhead: a cone structure welded by a steel profile. The top of the tower cap is provided with an ear plate seat, which is respectively hinged with the forearm lever and the rear arm lever to keep the lifting arm and the balance arm horizontal; the lower end of the tower cap passes four The pin shaft is connected with the rotating tower body; for the convenience of installation, a platform and a ladder are also arranged on the upper part of the tower cap, and the installer can use the platform to carry out the loading and unloading of the tower crane and the winding of the lifting wire rope.

1.9 Balance jib: a plane truss structure welded by angle steel and channel steel. The hoisting mechanism is installed at the center of the rear. The balance end of the balance arm is placed with 6 counterweights, and there are walking platforms and guardrails for maintenance and installation. There are two lifting points at the tail, which are connected to the tower cap through the balance arm rod, and the root of the balance arm is connected to the rotating tower body through the pin shaft.

 2.0 Lifting jib: The cross-section of the boom is an isosceles triangle. The upper chord, the oblique rib, the horizontal slanting rib, and the horizontal straight rib are all seamless steel tubes. The two lower chords are square tubes, and the upper plane of the lower chord serves as a variable-width trolley. Run the track. The lifting arm is composed of nine sections, and each section is not allowed to be interchanged. The mounting position of each arm is determined according to the number. The sections are connected by pin shafts, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble. The gap between the joints is small, smooth and small. Vibration can be reduced as the wheel passes. The upper chord is provided with two lifting points, which are connected to the tower cap through the boom pull rod, and the root of the jib is connected to the rotating tower body through the pin shaft.

2.1Trolley: is a steel structural member that drives the hook and the lifting object to reciprocate along the longitudinal axis of the boom. It has four walking wheels and four side wheels, two on each side.

2.2 Hook: The crane hook magnification can be changed between 2 times and 4 times.

2.3 Wall tie: Each set of attachment device consists of an attachment frame and three struts.

Part2. Tower Crane Working Mechanism

Include: hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, luffing mechanism and hydraulic jacking mechanism.

2.1 hoisting mechanism: is mainly composed of an electric motor, a brake, a reducer, a reel, a lifting height limiter, and the like, and is installed at the rear of the balance arm.

2.2 Slewing mechanism: The slewing mechanism is mainly composed of a winding motor, a fluid coupling, an electromagnetic brake, a rotary limiter, a planetary reducer and a pinion.

2.3 Luffing mechanism: The mechanism is mounted in the first arm of the boom and is mainly composed of a two-speed motor, a reducer, a reel and an amplitude limiter.

2.4 Hydraulic jacking mechanism: is composed of a hydraulic cylinder, a jacking beam, a hydraulic pump station.

Part3. Tower Crane Safety device

The tower crane is equipped with various safety protection devices necessary for the tower crane, including: ring weight limiter (pull ring), bow plate torque limiter, amplitude limiter, FKDX-G lifting height limiter, FKDX-H Slewing limiter and anemometer.

Part4. Tower Crane Electrical control and control system

The crane adopts three-phase four-wire power supply. The power supply is connected to the electric control box of the cab through the cable under the tower. The main control signal is sent by the linkage console located in the driver's cab to control the operation of the tower crane.

Electrical protection and signaling device: Zero protection, Thermal relay protection, Fuse protection, electric bell, Obstacle light,

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