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Welcome to 126th Canton Fair(China Import & Export Fair)

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The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most comprehensive types of double-entry and the best exhibiton in China. The Canton Fair was held twice a year. The 126th Canton Fair  will be held  as promised on 15th-19th, Oct, 2019. You are welcomed to our booth.

As a professional and leading manufacturer of cranes and lift platform, Tavol Cranes Group dedicates to the research and development of lifting and materials handling technologies, adopting innovative ideas and design in developing new products and services. Tavol Cranes can provide to customers a wide range of lifting products with compact design, low headroom, good safety, high performance and efficient operation. We are committed to help our customers cut down plant investment, improve production efficiency, reduce daily maintenance, economize energy consumption and achieve best Return on Investment.

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Tavol Cranes Group product range:

1- Materials Handling Cranes

overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, lifting hoists, and so on.

2- Construction Cranes

Tower Cranes, construction hoists, construction hanging basket, and so on.

3- Lifting Machinery 

Scissor Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Home Lifts, Man lifts and so on.

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If you need these machineries, welcome to visit us.

Exhibition time: 15th-19th Oct, 2019

Booth number: 8.0J08 

Address: No.382 Yuejiang Middle Road Haizhu District,Guangzhou,China