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Thanks for the clients’ trust, we will provide the best after-sales service for clients.

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In 2017, New Zealand customers Mr. Ian came to China and visited our workshop. They focused on the manufacturing process of bridge cranes and gantry cranes. This is the second time that they came to Tavol cranes group.

overhead crane warehouse Tavol cranes group

After visiting, they fully understand our factory and placed order soon: two sets of double girder overhead crane, two sets of single girder overhead crane, one set of jib crane. We arranged the production soon. After one month, we arrange the shipment. The Clients were very satisfied with our products. Under our technical guidance, the customer quickly installed the overhead crane. Till now, the overhead cranes were running very well.

Overhead crane Tower crane installation

Coincidentally, after our British customer Mr.Barry purchased our tower crane at the end year of 2020, he is very puzzled in installation. He talked this issue with his friend Mr.Ian, though they are different nationality, they are friends. Mr. Ian sent an email to Mr. Barry, and told him Tavol cranes group is the professional tower crane, overhead manufacturer, and believe Tavol, Tavol could give support at any time.

We are very happy to be recognized by our clients, and we will go on work hard , to supply good sales service for our clients.



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