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Thailand Tower Crane Client Come to TAVOL to Check 5ton Tower Crane

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TAVOL brand Tower crane have exported to many countries, such as USA, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cambodia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kenya, Guinea, Georgia, Indonesia, South America etc.

TAVOL Brand 5ton Construction Erecting Top kit Tower Crane is designed by our group company. The performance and technical specification is advanced in China, has reached the international advanced level, maximum work range is 50 m, maximum lifting height is more than 120m.

 5t tower crane Tower Crane Cabin

On 18th November, 2019, we got Thailand client tower crane inquiry from Alibaba. He was searching for 5ton tower crane for their hospital project .  After discussed the crane tower demand , Ms. Kelley recommend below tower crane for Thailand client reference :

CE Certificate QTZ63-5010 Top Kit Tower Crane

1. Max crane height under jib: 50 m

2. Jib length: 50m

3. Max load capacity: 5ton

4. Tip load capacity: 1.0t @ 50 m jib

5. Wall tie: 2 units

6. Mast:1.6*1.6*2.5m, 19 pcs

7. Voltage: 380V/ 50HZ/ 3P

8. Power Capacity:20.9Kw ( 15KW +2.2KW +3.7KW )

9. Rotation angle:360 degree

10. Lifting mechanism: include

11. Jacking mechanism: include

12. Traverse mechanism: include

13.Slewing mechanism: include

14.Air conditioner: include

15.Main electric parts: Schneider

16.Foundation parts: Include

17.Condition: 100% new

18.With CE certificate

19.Without installation charges / black box

20.Container: 5*40HQ container

After checking Ms. Kelley price quotation sheet with engineer team, Thailand client felt satisfied . And in In 22th November , 2019, Thailand client called Ms. Kelley cell phone 86 156 2134 6916 to ask final price and discussing the details of how to make payment, when can arrange delivery etc. And they also requested to check the goods before delivery.

Finally , Thailand client made the tower crane deposit in 22th November , 2019 from Alibaba .

After 20days fabricate work, our company finished the 5t crane tower for Thailand client. On 14th December 2019 , Thailand client came to our factory to check the goods quality from Bangkok airport to Jinan airport . They measured the crane size , do the tower crane test etc. And in the mean time , we show our company 2ton construction passenger and materials lift for Thailand client.  After confirmed all the details , they back to Thailand on 16th Dec 2019. On 19th Dec 2019, the client make the balance payment. On 25th Dec 2019, our company arranged the container loading .

TAVOL is specialized in tower crane and construction passenger & lifts , with cheap price , high quality and fast fabricate time.

Welcome to contact us if you need tower crane in future.