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Tavol's Mid Year Party in 2022

Views: 38     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2022-07-05      Origin: Site

In 2022, we held a Mid Year party on 1st, July, 2022. The theme of this party is: thank you for all sales. We have reached the target set for half a year.

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Today's party is not only our internal gathering, but also our appreciation meeting. As the top leader of the bridge crane manufacturer, general manager Jia made a summary of the work in 2022 and made a new outlook for the work in the last 6 month,  The achievements made in 2022 are attributed to the conscientious work of the sales staff in bridge crane manufacturer and the strong cooperation of the factory supply department. An excellent enterprise cannot be separated from an excellent team. Of course, this party also has the exciting games, everybody is full of expectation waits for belongs to own that luckiness. Some people get their gifts, no matter what is, everyone is very happy.

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As a grand part: the award ceremony of the second quarter is attractive. Three sales got their bonus, Tavol Crane Group will be full of confidence in the last six month in 2022. Any needs for single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, please contact with me. We are always in charge of service all the time.