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Tavol Cranes Group has won the honor of “Professional, Precise, Special and Innovative” Enterprise

Views: 27     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2022-07-06      Origin: Site

Tavol cranes group has won the honor of “Professional, precise ,special and innovative”Enterprise. It is good news for us and for clients.The so-called "professional", whose development direction is to realize specialized production or provide specialized services, is very dependent on specific users, specific products and technical fields. The so-called "precise", its development direction is to carefully design, carefully manufacture, carefully service, and create high-quality products. For small and medium-sized enterprises, these all require investment, whether it is R&D technology, purchasing technology, investing in new equipment or introducing new talents. Investment, otherwise there is no technical competitive advantage with high added value, so we can only adopt a low-cost strategy and continue the low-end old road.

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The so-called "special", the main direction is the specialization, this concept is more general, because whether it is unique craftsmanship, technology, formula, or cultural and historical characteristics, geographical environment, people's national characteristics, these need more attempts and opportunities. The concept of "innovation" is more general and basically refers to the category of emerging technologies and emerging industries. These fields are usually closely related to high technology and require continuous innovation in order to maintain the "new" characteristics.

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The benefits of being recognized as a specialized, specialized, and new SME:

1. The final delivery of the project is the Financing Promotion Office of the Department of Industry and Information Technology, which has a preference for corporate financial service providers in the later stage. Or the honor of this province's industry and information technology to enhance the attractiveness of enterprises to raise funds in the financial market.

2. After winning this honor, there is a policy preference in the application of enterprise technical transformation projects and cultivation projects in the later stage. Enterprises that can win this honor represent the growth of the enterprise is very good.