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Tavol Brand Fixed Yard Ramp -Good quality , Good Sales-Service

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TAVOL Brand Fixed Yard Ramp is a loading and unloading auxiliary equipment together with the storage platform. The equipment is integrated with the platform. It can be adjusted according to the height of the truck compartment. It can also be adjusted up and down to facilitate the forklift to enter the compartment. The hydraulic pumping station is equipped with anti-rolling skirts on both sides for safer work and improved work efficiency.

It is mainly used for large enterprises, warehouses, stations, terminals, warehouse logistics bases, postal transportation, logistics and distribution with frequent loading and unloading vehicles and different models.

dock yard ramp dock yard ramp

TAVOL dock yard ramp is made of special rectangular steel tube, high-precision wear-resistant cylinder, anti-skid (mesh) board and extra-thick steel plate. We exported fixed yard ramp to more than 50 countries including Myanmar, Philippines, Indai, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Bangladesh, Oman, Cambodia, Maldives, Sweden, Peru, Bahrain, etc.


1. The main structural parts are all made of national standard steel, and all steel structural parts are treated with strict descaling surface. Spray the primer.

2. There is no welding spatter and welding slag after welding. All welded joints are welded by CO2 protective welding, and the welds are beautiful and firm.

3. The product needs to be processed through 6 processes, spraying four times of paint, the thickness of the paint film is not less than 0.08mm, using high-quality polyurethane topcoat and varnish. Guarantee the beauty of the product. Standard topcoat color: dark blue. And spray warning color - yellow as a safety warning on both sides of the platform. (Also available according to the user's color standard paint)

dock yard ramp dock yard ramp

Advantages of Tavol Brand Yard Ramp. 

1. Electric hydraulic height of Stationary yard ramp can be adjusted freely, with full hydraulic drive , easy and reliable operation, improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

2. The lip plate and the platform are connected by a long shaft, high strength and good reliability.

3. With the Integral Modular Hydraulic Station, well sealing, durable with long working life.

4. The High-strength "U"-shaped beam design ensures high load and long-term operation without deformation

5. The anti-slip pattern steel plate is used on stationary yard ramp so that the platform has good anti-slip performance.

6. Set the skirts plate on both sides to prevent accidental foot injury from reaching the platform.

7. It is equipped with a support bar to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel when entering the internal Yard Ramp.

8. With Electro-hydraulic, Simple Operation, Height can be adjusted freely, Large adjustable Range, Improve loading and unloading efficiency, Saving manpower. Make your work more convenient, labor-saving and cost-effective.

9. The platform lap plate is always close to the truck, so that the truck can travel as if it is flat ground.

10. In addition to the standard size rubber crash pad, different sizes of crash pads can be provided to ensure parking safety.

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