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Tavol Brand 5013 Tower Crane was Installed in Cambodia

Views: 32     Author: Ms.Alina Email:sales55@tavolgroup.com     Publish Time: 2020-02-17      Origin: Site

Tavol brand Tower Cranes was shipped to Cambodia last month. The clients is arranging the installation recently. This set of tower crane is used for our old client’s new project. This client have several construction companies, and we have cooperated with each other for a long time. They have ever visited our city and factory last year. They are our old clients and our old friends, we are keeping good relationship.

Last year, in December, they ordered this Tower Crane,and because they need the Tower Crane in hurry, so we finished the production in advance.

The Tower crane details as below:


Max lifting capacity:5ton

Jib length:50 m

Tip load::1.3ton@50 m            

Main electric parts: Schneider

Foundation parts:included

The Tower Crane shipped in January,and arrived to Cambodia in February. This week, our client start to install the Tower Crane. And they sent some pictures to us. They started to make the foundation according to our design drawings. It was very important step for the tower crane installation. So the work must be done carefully. When these steel bars were full, then they could start to pour concrete.

tower crane tower crane installation

For the installation work, 6-8 Persons are enough. If there were more workers, it will be better. After the foundation was finished, they will start to install the base masts, the base mast will connect the base bar, it is very important work too. Please look at the pictures, the workers will start to install the base masts. The mast’s installation need the truck crane, the truck crane will put the mast at the suitable site.

Then they will add the bolts to connect the base mast with the base bars. When we production the mast,we will mark the number on the masts, The client will easily to find which are the base masts,and which are the section masts. It will save some time by using this way for the installation works, our clients like this way very much.

After the installing the base mast,then will start to install the Jib . The Tower Crane including the Lifting Jib and Balance Jib. Then they will start to jack the section masts and other parts, After all installation works are done, they will start to test the electric motors and Tower Cranes.

When all parts test well, the Tower Crane can be used for the building works.

tower crane installation tower crane installation

If you have any needs for tower crane, please contact with us. Hoping our Tower Cranes will assist you for your project too.