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Take up social responsibilities with our own strength-Tavol Group

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Mencius said: Respect all the elderly as you would respect your own family; love all children as you would love your own children; if you do this, you can control the world as if you were using your own hands. In other words: If you respect the old and love the young wholeheartedly, you will have the ability to control the world.

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As a first-class enterprise with strong social responsibility, although Shandong Tavol Group has no ambition to control the world, it has always had a fraternal heart of caring for the elderly and children.

Just as the September 9th Elderly Day is approaching, Tavol Group carefully prepared nearly 10,000 yuan of living materials and came to Cuilan Nursing Home in Xintai City. While visiting nearly a hundred elderly people here, it also made real contributions to the nursing home Offered a love.

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This loving donation is not only an activity for Tavol Group to practice the social responsibility of "respecting and loving the elderly", but also to spread the positive energy of "the more the enterprise develops, the more arduous the responsibility" is with practical actions. Tavol Group hopes to encourage and lead more outstanding enterprises to join the trend of social welfare with its own small acts of kindness, and create a warmer and stronger social and cultural atmosphere of respecting the elderly and loving the young for the revived land of China !