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Philippines Customer come to inspect 6ton 5013 Tower Crane

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Tavol is the professional supplier of Tower Cranes and Construction Lifts. In September, the Philippines Client ordered 1set 6ton Tower Crane (Model 5013). The Client Company is the leading one in the industry of construction building requirements. Last week, Our Client from Philippines, Mr. Rufo came to inspect the 6ton tower crane Model 5013 before loading containers.

The Main specification for 6ton 5013Tower crane:


Rated Load moment




Max. loading capacity




Tip load


1.3t@50m jib


Work range




Free standing height




Mast section




Total power




Max. height(with anchorages)



The voltage of Philippines site is 440V/60HZ/3P.

Mr.Rufo visited the factory, checked the details parts of tower crane (mast section, lifting motor, driving cabin, front jib, balance jib, black box, control box and etc).He is very satisfactory with the tower crane, he ordered the same tower crane model in year of 2016,he said the current technology is more advanced than before, it is really good product to popularize in Philippines market.

 Tower Crane  Tower Crane

After checking the tower crane, we took client to see the factory of Construction building hoist and took pictures together. Maybe he will need the construction building hoist after building reach to third or fourth floor. We will try our best to give client the biggest support in Philippine market. Really thanks for Client’s trust and we are confident to our cooperation in the future.

Tower crane QTZ63(5013Model), which is characterized by its horizontal boom, trolley-slewing and upper-slewing mechanisms, and which is a multi-purpose self-elevating crane with following features:

1. Its performance parameters and technical indicators are domestically advanced, with the maximum working radius of 60mand the maximum lifting height of 140mrespectively.
2. This crane can operate in independent-stationary, under-frame-stationary, attached or travelling modes which apply to various constructing objects.
3. The appearance of this crane is internationally fashionable and beautiful, therefore popular with customers both at home and abroad.
4. The crane is characterized by its high operating speed, sound speed control performance as well as stable and reliable operation.
5. The electrical system is equipped with French Schneider components, featuring long service life, small failure rate and simple maintenance. Also, it works steadily.
6. The safety devices equipped, which are mechanical or mechanical-electrical integrated products, can help to ensure the reliable work of tower crane. 

For the tower cranes and building hoist, we have below type:

QTZ40-4708 QTZ40-4808 QTZ40-5008 QTZ50-5008 QTZ50-5010

QTZ63-5010 QTZ63-5013 QTZ63-5610 QTZ80-5513 QTZ80-6010 QTZ100-6013 QTZ125-6015 QTZ160-6516 QTZ250-7030 QTZ315-7040

Max.Load capacity ranges from 4ton to 18ton, tip load ranges from 0.8ton to 4ton 

SS100/100 1ton Material hoist

SC200/200 Construction Building hoist , 2ton double cage

If you need the tower crane, please feel free to contact us. Tavol can give you a high quality machine. Welcome you visit our factory.