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Notice on Tavol Group Chairman's Business Trip in 2024

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Notice on Tavol Group Chairman's Business Trip in 2024

Dear colleagues:

In order to further expand the company's business and strengthen cooperative relations with overseas customers, the chairman of Tavol Group will go abroad to visit customers in 2024. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Travel time and location

Phase 1: Time: March 31-April 23, 2024

Location: Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and other Eastern European countries.

Phase 2: Time: May 12 to early June 2024

Location: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Türkiye, etc.

2. Purpose of trip

The purpose of this trip abroad to visit customers is to enhance cooperation with existing customers, explore new markets, find potential partners, understand international market trends, assist salesmen in developing more dealers, and provide strong support for the company's future development.

3. Itinerary Arrangement

The specific itinerary is as follows:

Phase 1: Time: During April 

1-Russia    March 31-April 3, 3 days

2-Azerbaijan  April 4-April 7, 3 days

3-Georgia      April 8-April 10, 2 days

4-Armenia     April 11-April 16, 5 days

5-Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and other Eastern European countries- April 17-April 23,  7 days

Phase 2: Time: During May

1-Kazakhstan-May 15-20, 5 days

2-Uzbekistan-May 20-25, 5 days

3-Türkiye-May 26-June 3, 7 days

4. Precautions

All departments are requested to make preparations in advance to ensure that the chairman can carry out business activities smoothly during the trip. We actively invite everyone. The ultimate goal is to help you meet old customers and strive to develop more dealers. Customers who have made appointments must be made in advance Do a background check and note the customer's core information in the form so that we know ourselves and our enemies.

I hope that this overseas visit can bring more cooperation opportunities to the company, and I also hope that all colleagues can support and cooperate with the smooth development of this trip.

Notice hereby!

Tavol Group Board of Directors