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Managing Director of Tavol Cranes Group Visited Vietnam and Cambodia inJune 2019

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Mr Jia Luhua, managing director of Tavol Cranes Group visited Vietnam and Cambodia on June 12-18th 2019. Their first station was to Ha Noi Vietnam from Guangzhou China by Air in the evening of June 12th, 2019. Tavol Cranes Group Hanoi Partners Mr Hoang Van Ha of Balkan Technology and Trade Co.,Ltd arranged the Hotel and Dinner with them. The next day, our manager director to visited Ha Long bay in Haiphong city of Vietnam as a tourist. They visited Song Da and held a meeting with their Chairman Mr Hoang Anh , talked about the construction cranes project in Thanh Xuan Dist. Of Ha Noi City on June 14th, 2019.

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On June 15th, 2019, they flied to Phnom Penh city of Cambodia from Ha Noi International Airport. And Mr Luhua came to visit the world famous tourist site Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap City of Cambodia, They came back to Phnom Penh City, and lived in the hotel Emion in the Centre of Phnom Penh City the next day.  IMG_20190604_110034_副本  QQ图片20190808091646_副本

  They took some business meetings in Phnom Penh city in the next few days during they stay in Phnom Penh City, like Royal Cambodian Armed Forces General Mr Tho Da, Kirby Cambodia Director Mr Neth Chamnab, ING Holdings Co.,Ltd President Mr Lim Bunsour, Sari Fruit Co.,Ltd Chairman Mr Sok San etc.

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There were 24 units different model Tower Cranes and Construction Hoist Working and Service in Cambodia at present. Mr Luhua visited some working site of Tavol Construction Hoist and Tower Cranes in Phnom Penh City. Also he met with our dealers and some other business partners during his business trip.

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