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How to choose gantry crane and operation solution?

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Shandong Tavol Cranes Group offers world-class gantry cranes for all of your needs,but before you select a gantry crane,it is of course helpful to know what to look for in the gantry crane selection process.

Lifting capacity;single girder gantry or double girder gantry; what material are you lifting;the width of gantry cane(if you have existing rail,just tell us the distance from rail center to center);the hoist travel height.But ascertain what your maximum weight is now and in the future,is there space under the gantry crane you choose to accommodate.Gantry crane size every warehouse and/or space is different – make sure the gantry crane will be the right size for loading and unloading operation. Tavol Crane is happy to sit down with you and review your needs and align them with a gantry crane that’s right for you, whether its from our line or a competitors’.

After you have selected the crane you want, we will design the capacity and overall dimensions for you,this allows you to make your crane fit your workstation and your budget.  When your crane system arrives,the money saving begins.Don’t spend money hiring another company to install your crane,each kits comes with all of the hardware and assembly directions necessary for you to do it yourself.If you have any questions or lose any hardware,you can call or email us and we will give you assistance. 

5 ton gantry crane 5 ton gantry crane

Gantry crane is a very popular material handling machine,many problems can be happen among usage cause of improper operation,solutions as below:

1.Original power line is wrongly connected, resulting in the phase protection starting and hoist unable to operate

Solution: Swap positions of the two phase line

2.Power fuse is burned off or switch is off automatically without fuse burned

Solution: check if the current is within the rated scope, change a new fuse or restart the breaker

3.Main line fuse burn off

Solution: check the whole line and change new fuse

4.Breakage happen in chain hoist power line or control cabinet or unconnected

Solution: repair the broken cable or change new one or make sure all points in the control cabinet is 100% connected

5.Power supply voltage is too low

Solution: measure the voltage value to check if it is less than 10% of the rated power voltage

6.The motor makes a sound, but it doesn't rotate.

Solution: Check if motor phase is correct - repair and make sure it is at good insulation state

7.Emergency switch has been switched on

Solution: found out the reason why the emergency switch is switched on

8.Contactor is not at 100% connected

Solution: operate the gantry crane manually, if the gantry crane can function in the right way, it means problem happened at wire coils or cables, find out the problem location and repair it; if the gantry crane still cannot function, it means problem happen at the main power source, found out the broken contractor and change with new one

9.Contractor coil short circuit

Solution: change new contractor.

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