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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Type Singe Girder Overhead Crane

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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Type Singe Girder Overhead Crane is composed of box type bridge frame,electric wire rope hoist , crane traveling mechanism, and electrical system .TAVOL CRANES GROUP supplies single girder overhead crane with load capacity below 32 tons and the span below 31.5 meters. When we get the drawing of warehouse from our customer, we found that the span of the first overhead crane is 30.00m, close to the max length of 31.5m,and the span of the second overhead crane is 20.00m.Both load capacity are 5T.

This customer met at the 125th Spring Canton Fair in April 2019.At that time, the customer came to our booth and we gave him our company brochure . At that time, we did not conduct the detailed exchange.After the exhibition, we received the customer inquiry email on the train back our home.The customer sent his business card and requirements to my mailbox.Then, we added each other's WeChat to communicate in WeChat.

After the customer returned to his country, they came from Switzerland and we received the design drawings of their workshop. During discussing with the customers, we got the point that the cranes It will be installed in two places, with the 30-meter crane installed in Switzerland and the 20-meter crane installed in Kosovo. So we designed this singe girder overhead crane.

loading  canton fair

The specifications of Single Girder Overhead Crane : 

1.Model:Electric Wire Rope Hoist Type Single Girder Overhead Crane

2.Lift capacity:5Ton

3.Lift height:6m


5.Control method:Wireless Remote Control 

The customer confirmed all specifications and drawing of Single Girder Overhead Crane on 15th August 2019. Although the customer has confirmed all the parameters and design options. The sales contract and proforma invoice were also sent to the customer in the first time. But we have been unable to receive the customer's advance payment, nor can we see any signs that the customer wants to pay.Next, after nearly a month of long communication, we received feedback from our customers. Customers will participate in the 126th Autumn Canton Fair in October. They will visit our booth again for detailed talks during the Canton Fair, and feedback may visit our factory.

After the start of the 126th Canton Fair, we once again invited customers to visit our booth. After two rounds of negotiation, the customer finally signed the sales contract, confirmed the order, and promised to pay USD1500 as a prepayment.Thanks to my colleague, on the second signing of the contract, we received cash from the client.

It took 20 working days to produce the Two Sets Single Girder Overhead Crane . We made completion report to show the detailed photos to our customers on 12th November 2019. During 20-working days production period, we provided client with photos in different views.Since customers need to order other products, the cranes were placed in our workshop for nearly 3 months after production.. On 15th and 16th March 2020, we loaded the Single Girder Overhead Crane , The whole set of bridge crane、crane components and spare parts were packed by 1 pieces of 40 feet high containers  .