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China are face the Most strictly Environment Protection Control on the History

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From the January of 2017, The China government Take the environment protection control work more and more strictly, Not only in Shandong Province, All of the China take the actions to join the environment protection team.

In Shandong Province, it is quite strictly, the government office will come to the company to inspect the manufacture proceed, if they find some actions with get out of the line, they will prohibit the company stop the work, close the gate, cut off the electric power, stop the water supply, catch the company manager, etc. 

Not matter you are in Taian, but also the Ji Nan,  Ji Ning, Liaocheng, Zibo etc, All the Shandong Province, all the heavy industry will face the risk to stop production and product supply, There has two results because of this action: The first one is the Positive, from we come into 2017, All of our city and nearly every day, the Sky is Blue and the Air is Clean and fresh, Like the color of the Logo of BMW (white and blue)

Another result is the negative, Because most of the small factory and company close, all the raw materials price is raising day by day, worker salary still on the high side, all the cost is increasing day by day, If you want to buy the product from China, Please consider this issues and take the purchase at an early date, or made the big order to take enough storage, China product price will raising day by day, and delivery period will more and more hard to control, Please understand why we supply the offer with the high price and long delivery period now.

No matter how hard we are facing, Tavol Group are agree with the government actions, and follow the new low of environment protection, Compare to the money and profit, we more like to enjoy the Blue Sky and Fresh air every day.