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Armenia Customer Visited Our Factory and Discussed New Cooperation with us

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Tavol cranes group is a professional supplier of Lift platform and construction elevator. Tavol cranes group’s excellent service and good products are attracting many clients to visit our factory. Last week, our client from Armenia visited our factory. Our client company is the leading industry of elevators, escalators and moving walkways, individually designed for all types of building requirements. In August, the client ordered 2sets of fixed scissor lifts and 1set of SC200 model Building hoist.

 The Main specification as below:

1-Stationary Scissor Lift (type: SJG2.5-4)

Load capacity: 2500Kg Lift height: 4m

Platform size: 7000 x 2000mm

2-Stationary Scissor Lift (type: SJG2-3.8)

Load capacity: 2000Kg. Lift height: 3.8m

Platform size: 2250 x 1650mm

3-Construction Elevator SC200 (single cage)

Load capacity: 2000Kg. Lift height: 81.432m

Mast section with Hot galvanized

The above equipments have been loaded into containers and delivered in September. The delivery photos are as below:

clients visiting Client visiting

As you know, Stationary Scissor Lift is used for convey the goods from one working level to another. It was used widely, such as in warehouse, outdoor side, parking place. It will improve working efficiency and save labor. The surface is very beautiful.  The Installation is very simple.  It is not restricted by court. It’s very popular with our clients from different countries, Such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Germany, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico and so on.

SC200 Construction elevator hoist, which are widely used in industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction and ship-building industry. Being suitable for the vertical transport of materials and people as a permanent or semi-permanent lift, the construction elevator can also be used for warehouses, tower and other different occasions. The series of construction elevators, which are known for their stable performance, reliable safety, easy transportation and strong and adaptability, can enhance work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of construction workers.

Now, our client visited our factories of lift platform, overhead crane, tower crane and building hoist. And he was very satisfactory with our products, he said they were really good products to popularize in Armenia market. He would have a long-term business relationship with our company. And our products would have a good market in Armenia.

If you need lifting equipment, please contact us. Tavol can give you a high quality machine. Welcome to visit our factory.