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A fruitful Fair Philconstruct-A happy trip in Philippines

Views: 38     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2019-11-27      Origin: Site

On the Fair Philconstruct

Tavol Group attended the Fair Philconstruct during November 7-9th, 2019. Our booth locate in the World Trade Center, Pasay City. Except for our old clients visits, we receipt 36 inquiries on the fair, and signed the contract of 06 units of materials cargo lift on November 8th, 2019.

There were many clients who were interested in our machines. The most popular machine is the materials handling cranes and hoist, also the lifting machinery, like scissor lifts, cargo lifts, yard ramp etc. There are many new factories and workshop buildings in Philippines, almost all of them require the overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, lifting hoist etc.

On the fair On the fair2

Also the construction machinery is very popular, there are nearly 10 competitors on the fair that show the construction tower cranes and construction building hoist. It means the construction market in Philippines also very hot, there are more than 16 units of Tavol Brand tower cranes working in Philippines, most of them are serviced and worked in Cebu City.

on the fair3_副本 on the fair4

Client visit after the Fair

The Philconstruct exhibition finished on the December 10th, 2019, our manager visited some old client, also met some new client on the fair during December 11th- 16th, 2019. We lived in the Hotel Heritage, at the Roxas Boulevard, Corner of Edsa, Pasay City of Manila. We visited almost the whole city of Manila, like Makati City, Quezon City, Valenzuela City, Batangas City, Laguna City etc.

We also signed 05 orders during this trip, including 06 sets of LH15ton double girder overhead crane, 01 set of MH10t single girder gantry crane, 12 units of materials cargo lift and 01 set of LD10ton single girder overhead crane.

cilent vist cilent visit

visit customer visit customer2

Tourist and Food in Manila

We visited some famous site in Manila, like Rizal Park, and famous Church which was built by Spanish. Manila City is crowded, there are not too many Park in Manila, however the Rizal Park is much Solemn, Jose Rizal is the national Monument of Philippines.

tourist and food tourist and food2

We also enjoyed the Philippines food during the Philconstruct Fair, Philippines crab is quite big and delicious. The local food is mainly with barbecue and fried food. We also have the local food in the restaurant Named The Singing Cooks & Waiters atbp. It is a very interested restaurant. What a wonderful time there.

food food2