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5 ton gantry crane installation in Uzbekistan

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In 3rd July 2019, our Uzbeksitan client Mr. Farruh purchased a unit of single girder gantry crane.  After 15 days fabricate work , the crane was sent to client site , to wait installation and commssioning work. On 25th Agust 2019, client start installation work, then we made a group at wechat and invite all the technician to help client to solve problems at site they met . The crane runs smootly at site.

Our client is satistied with our crane quality and sevice work. After several months of running , they signed the distribution agent agreement with us , and hope can help us to sold more crane in Uzbeksitan.

The crane specification as below:

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Lift capacity: 5 t

Span: 20 m

Crane height: 8 m                                            

Lift height: 6.8 m                                    

Cantilever: without

Lift speed: 8 m/min

Cross traverse speed: 20 m/min

Long travel speed: 20 m/min

Work duty :A3 / M3

Input power: 380V/50HZ/3P

Control:pendant line+ wireless remote control

Long Travel Rail  

Model:P24 .  

Length 400 m

Power Cable for Long Travel  

Model:3*10 .    

Length 240 m

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5t Gantry Crane