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45/20ton QD Model Double Girder Overhead Crane Test Running

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The 45/20ton overhead crane is designed with the main lift capacity 45 ton, the aux lift capacity is 20ton. The the span 12.2m, the lift height 20m.

It is designed for our phillippine client.

The 45/20ton overhead crane has its advantages:

It mainly consists of main beam, hook trolley, crane traveling mechanism, cabin and electric controlling system, etc. Foundry crane is one of the main equipment in the continuous casting technology of steel making. It is mainly used transfer the pouring melted iron to the appointed place, and the thermalprotective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder. The place where molten nonmetal material  and red-hot solid metal is lifted. The casting overhead crane are heavy duty for 20-24hours working. 

1. Capacity: 5t-350t

2. Span: 10.5-31.5m

3. Working Class: A7-A8 (FEM 4m-5m)

4. Control Method: Remote and Cabin Control

5. Power Source and Painting Color as your demands

6. According to your other demands.

Euro model electric wire rope hoist Euro type hoist

Advantages of double girder overhead crane:

1.Heavy Duty and High Efficient

2.Long Life Span: 30-50years. 

3.Easy for Installation and maintenance.

4.High Temperature

5.Full Spare Parts will offer

6.Dual Lift Motor for Main Lifting Mechanism

Today , we do test running for our Philippine client before delivery. This is the second order , thanks for the clients trust, we will arrange the shippment soon.