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2 Sets of Top Kit Tower Crane Installation in Pakistan

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TAVOL tower crane is composed of a horizontal arm bracket, an radius changing device for the arm-trolley, and a hydraulic self-lifting mechanism. It has such advantages such as original design, reliable operation, and satisfactory appearance. It was equipped with necessary safety devices, this balance crane shows good speed-control capacity, excellent operational stability, and high working efficiency.

The tower crane is widely used in the construction of high-rise hotels, residential buildings, industrial buildings, and tower-like buildings like tall chimneys.

tower crane installation in Pakistan  tower crane

After 10 days production period, 2 sets of top kit tower cranes were installed for our Pakistan customer. He was very satisfied with our product and service, and we had signed dealership agreement for long term cooperation. Our customer's company is a design firm specializing in home design and furniture . They bought those 2 sets of top kit tower crane for construction of residential buildings. We received customers inquiry in January, 2019. After compared with other manufacturers and factory inspection, finally they placed order in June, 2019.

The specification of the tower crane as follows:

1. Model: QTZ63-5010

2. Jib length: 50m

3. Tip load: 1ton

4. Max load: 5ton

5. Height under jib:70m

Thanks for customer’s trust. Tavol, as a professional manufacturer of top kit tower crane, topless tower crane and construction hoist, is committed to help our customers to make Life and Work More Easy and Safe. The performance & technical specifications of Tavol tower crane is advanced in China, has reached the international advanced level. We have more than 30 years production history and more than 10 years of overseas business experience . 

TAVOL brand tower crane have exported  to many countries, such as USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, Bangladesh,  Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam , Maldives, Cambodia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kenya, Guinea, Georgia, Indonesia, South America, etc.  If any need, welcome to contact us.