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2 Sets of Indoor Gantry Crane Installation in Kazakhstan

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These 2 sets of indoor gantry cranes are for Kazakhstan client whose company is a leading manufacturer for concrete products.Last month our client finished the installation work for gantry crane, now the gantry crane start to work.. It is for concrete precast products loading and unloading.We have cooperated since 2010,they purchased indoor crane from us every year. In the previous years we dispatched our engineers to help them for install.

gantry crane1 gantry crane2

There are some special requirements of the out door gantry crane as following:

1. On lifting speed

The valve is a kind of fragile products, so it requires double speed to ensure smooth lifting. The double speed hoist can meet the requirements and is very cost-effective.

2. On crane painting

It is tropical monsoon climate in Philippines and the weather is wet for several months.So we use epoxy zinc-rich primer to protect it from rusting and corrosion.

Considering these requirements, we gave customer suggestion as following:

1. Crane model:MH model single girder gantry crane.

2. Work environment:factory yard.

3. Lift capacity:10 tons.

4. Lift height:9 meters.

5. Span:16 meters

6. Operate type: remote control and pendent line control,the remote control with joystick.

7. Local power supply:380V/60HZ/3Phase.

8. Lift speed:0.7/7m/min,double lift speed.

9. Lift motor:1.5/13KW.

10. Cross travel speed:0-20m/min.

11. Cross travel motor:0.8KW*2 with inverter control.

12. Long travel speed:0-20m/min.

13. Long travel motor:4KW*2 with inverter control.

14. Crane cable and cable reel with full sets accessories.

15. Crane travel rail with full sets accessories.

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