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2 Sets of Auxiliary Mobile Scissor Lifts will be Shipped to Indonesia

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 2 Sets of Auxiliary Mobile Scissor Lifts will be Shipped to Indonesia

The mobile scissor lift platform is a special equipment for aerial work that is vertically lifted and used indoors and outdoors. It is widely used in equipment maintenance, station, dock, bridge, hall, factory indoor and outdoor mechanical installation,equipment maintenance, construction and maintenance.

Tavol Mobile Scissor Lift have exported to many countries, just like Italy, Poland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Monaco,Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary,Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland,Portugal, Spain, Malta,Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia,Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece,Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Thailand, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, USA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, India, etc.

Mobile scissor lift   Mobile scissor lift

Today, 2 sets of Auxiliary Mobile Scissor Lifts will be shipped to Indonesia.

The parameters of the mobile scissor lift as below:

● Model:SJY0.5-6

● Load capacity:500kg                                               

● Lift height:6m

● Work Height:8m

● Platform size: 2106mm*830mm  

The mobile scissor lifts are for our old Clients from Singapore.We are keeping good cooperation more than 4 Years. Every year, they usually purchase 5-6 sets scissor lifts for their different factories in Indonesia. The purchase manager often says: Tavol is one good supplier for him. Tavol’s mobile scissor lifts, cargo lifts, overhead cranes are all suitable for his workshops. He likes doing business with Tavol. We are very pleased to hear that. And we will try our best to work with them.