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16 Ton Overhead Gantry Crane for Sheet Material Factory in Cairo , Egypt

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Overhead gantry crane is used in factory, shipyard, bridge and road construction,etc.This kind of crane is composed of bridge, support legs, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment, lifting winch. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism.Crane travelling mechanism adopts separate driver. The power is supplied by cable or slide wire.

We got the overhead gantry crane inquiry from Frigo Arabia on Alibaba service. It is one of the best specialist factories that produce insulated panels, doors & floors in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. After nearly two months business discussion and barging, finally we got the order.

They purchased 02 units of 16 ton Overhead Gantry Cranes in 15th May, 2019. And our professional TAVOL team went to guide installation for the 2 sets of gantry cranes in 20th June, 2019. With these two overhead gantry cranes application, the efficiency of loading  has they could load 40- 50 trucks and containers per day.

gantry crane test running_副本gantry crane lifting_副本

Specifications for Overhead Gantry Crane:

-Lifting capacity: 16t 

-Span: 2+14+2m 

-Lifting height: 7m 

-Operate mode:  Ground operation with remote control

-Electric parts: Siemens 

-Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3Phase

-Packing: by 2 pieces of 40 high container

overhead gantry crane installation_副本finished installation work_副本

We finished all the installation, test running, operator training within two weeks. Our Client are satisfied with our services. After finished all the job, they arrange us to visit the famous site Tahirir Square and Pyramids.

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