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100/20/10Ton Heavy Duty Overhead Crane For Power Plant In Peru

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100/20/10Ton Heavy Duty Overhead Crane For Power Plant In Peru 

Heavy duty overhead crane can be widely used in power plant , mainly in charge of the installation and maintenance of generator set in main building of power station .

The max lift capacity of heavy duty overhead crane in power plant depend on the max weight of generator rotor, generator rotor as the most important component, need two sets of heavy capacity lift mechanism to lift . 

Our old customer from Peru told us that they started a new project of power plant on March 2019. The customer need us to assist them to confirm the design and manufacture of overhead crane. The customer send us detailed drawing of their power plant drawing . then our engineer confirm the the basic specification: span, lift height and crane travel length. After talking with the engineers of power plant , we confirm the max lift capacity is 100ton . and they need three lift hook , max lift hook is 100ton , and 20ton as the auxiliary hook . 


Specifications of Heavy Duty Overhead Crane : 



Lift capacity

Span 18m
Work duty A5
Crane travel length 60m

According to customer demand and power plant drawing , our engineer team designed detailed drawing within two day . After the drawing was adopted , we got the advance payment at end of May 2019. The production period of this heavy duty overhead crane is about 25days ,we finished the production of the heavy duty overhead crane on June 20th.. The buyer arranged third-party detection institution come to our factory to test the crane on 25th June, 2019. Our crane passed the acceptance of third-party detection institution successfully . After the third party detection , the customer arranged the balance payment on 1st July. We received balance payment on 04th July. Then we arranged the shipment .The span is 18m, so the buyer choose bulk ship , we delivery the crane to Tianjin port at 06th July , 2018 . and the ship date is 10thJuly. 

Our two engineers came to Peru and assisted the customer to install the crane from 25th-31th July . Our crane are working well in the power plant now.