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World Famous Lift Platform Brand, After-sales Service Guaranteed.

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Trailed mobile scissor lift is a lifting machine that lift the people or objects vertically.This kind of scissor lift use external power for traction, use three-phase power or diesel engine for power, moving quickly and easily.It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a hydraulic lifting platform. Except lifting people or materials to different height, it is also widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations. The characteristics of free lifting of the lifting platform have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation of terminals, logistics centers, building decoration, etc.

Trailed mobile scissor lift Trailed mobile scissor lift

Why the customers choose us?

1. Pre-sale Service

1) We can customize products according to client's demand.Many styles of products for your choices.

2) Good Quality+Factory Price +Quick Response +Reliable Service are what we are trying best to offer you.

3)All of our products are produce by our professional workman and we have our high-work-effect foreign trade team,you can totally believe our service.

4)We have more than 20 year experience in desugn and manufacture,we cherish every order form our honor.


2. After You Choose

1)We will count cheapest shipping cost and make invoice to you at once.

2)Test each machine before delivery to ensure plants quality,then send out to you after your abroad.

3)Our engineers are available to guide the operators abroad.


3. After-Sale Choose

1)We are very glad that customer give us some suggestion for price and products.

2)If you have any question,please contact us freely by E-mail or Telephone.


As the custom loading ramp experts, we offer the most knowledgeable and highly trained staff to guide to through your purchasing process. We mainly exported to more than 50 countries including Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Bangladesh, Oman, Cambodia, Maldives, Sweden, Peru, Bahrain, etc. If you need stationary yard ramp,welcome flee free to contact us.