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Welcome UK Clients to Inspect the Tower Crane Before Delivery

Views: 24     Author: Cecilia sls99@tavolgroup.com     Publish Time: 2020-11-20      Origin: Site

As we know, the tower crane is the most commonly used lifting equipment on the construction site, also known as the “Tower Crane”. It is used for lifting steel bars and rafts. Raw materials are used for construction such as concrete and steel pipes. Tower Crane is an essential equipment on the construction site.

Tower crane1tower crane inspection

We received the inquiry for tower crane 20 days ago, the UK client knew us from his friends. Since we have ever exported the tower crane to many countries these years. After confirming the details, he placed the order of twwo sets of 8ton tower crane within 7days.The parameters of tower crane are as following:

1. Load capacity:8ton

2. Project height:86m

3. Jib lenght:60m

4. Tip load:1.0ton

 After 15 days'production,the clients asked the third party to inspect the tower crane before delivery.

Now, though it is in Covid-19 period, The inspector arrives according to the customer's request. The client visited our factory workshop. They checked our production progress and checked our tower cranes’ quality.

tower crane mast sectionTower Crane

He checked the details carefully, and he gave us good evaluation for our product and and our professional workers.They said our mast sections are very stronger than others factory's design. After checking our factory, he said he would like to keep long term cooperation with our company cause our products are good quality, our service is also good too.

Any inquiries for tower crane, welcome to contact with me.