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The Home Lift is Shipped to Dubai

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Disabled home lift can be installed directly into the ground without pit, that is easy to operate and can make smooth and safe lifting, besides, it covered with static blasting panels, so that is uneasy to rust when placed outdoors. This model of lifts have fashionable and upscale appearance, and can be maintained conveniently.

If you have difficulty using stairs, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then a residential vertical wheelchair lift is a great way to ensure that you can always safely and conveniently enter and exit your home. All of our porch lifts are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions and are an affordable alternative to residential elevators.

Home lifts Disabled Home Lift to Dubai

Our client is real estate company based on Dubai, United Arab Emirates . They doing remodeling , additions, new home construction, commercial tenant improvements, design services in local.  

On 7th April 2019 , we got Dubai, United Arab Emirates client`s inquiry from Whatsapp. They asked 350Kg 0.5 meter disabled home lift for their new coffee shop. In 8th April 2019, we submitted our first proposal to Dubai, United Arab Emirates client, for their project evaluation.

On 21th Nov 2019, client start purchase procedure . So they contact us to update price again . After that ,on Dec 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates came to our factory to inspect our factory and negotiate the details for the home disabled lift .

On 02nd Nov 2019, we confirmed all the details with Dubai, United Arab Emirates client, such as travel height , load capacity , platform size , entrance type etc . And we signed the proforma invoice .

The main parameters as below for the disabled lift:

SJD0.35-0.5 Wheelchair Lift (Silent type )

Load capacity: 350 kg

Travel height: 450 mm , with 2 stops

Glass Door: 2 units , at first floor and second floor

Platform size: 1200* 1000mm ,

Platform board: Aluminum sheet

Lift speed: 3-4 m/min

With super silent pump station & frequency converter

With stand-by power ( for unexpected power outages )

Power input: 220V/50HZ/Single Phase , Safety control: 24V DC

Surface treatment: Power coating with White color

Control panel: PLC control+ Digital display panel at lobby &inside cabin


After got deposit of Dubai, United Arab Emirates client, our factory start fabricate work. At the end of Dec 2019, we finished disabled home lift fabricate work, and sent finished lift photo for client reference . After confirmed no questions , Dubai, United Arab Emirates client paid the balance and send the BV (third party ) to check the goods quality in the mean time.

On the 10th Jan 2020, we loading container and send goods to Dubai port , United Arab Emirates.