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Electric Control Room 
Advantages of Tavol Company in Electric and Control System
1, All the Electric Elements adopt the Famous Brand, Like CHNT, Mitsubishi PLC,  MingWei Switch, Yaskawa or ABB Inveter etc.
Which promise the equipment is more Steadily and Low Failure Rate.
2, The Lifting Machinery adopt the PCL Control, the Control system more Precise and Steadily, Can Develop Program Composition as the Working Site Conditions.
3, The Cranes Adopt the Inveter Control, Satisfy the Client for the Different Speeds Request, Use the inveter to start the Motor, Can
Protect the Motor and Gears, Prolong the Cranes Working Life.
Tavol Mechanical Team 
Software  Application 
1- SolidWorks 2016 
It is a Comprehensive 3 Drawing Software, has the function of  3D Model Rendering, Fitting Simulation, Animated Show, Picture Rendering etc.
2- AutoCAD--Mechanica 
It is a Foundation Class Assistant Software for the Mechanical drawing.
3- SW- Simulation Software of Finite Element Analysis
 For the Stress Analysis and Elastic Analysis of the Processing Part and Equipment.  
4- 3DSmax
It is a Autodesk 3ds Max Design Software, Can Make the  3D Studio to make the Machines with More Visual Presentation.
Technical Improvement for the Lifting Machinery   
1- Balance Rope for the Cargo Lift
 Adopt the Diagonal Balance rope, Adjustment with the Lock Screw, Easy Installation, the Structure will be more Steadily.
2- Separate the Cargo Lift Wheels Group and Table Structure 
 Adopt the Bolt and Nut to joint together, Easy Installation, Maintenance and Replacement, the Bolt joint structure is more stronger than the welding structure.
3- Layout of Push Rod of Cargo Lift 
Solve the Hydraulic system Elastic Displacement when Loading the Materials.
4- The Scissor Lift Structure Single lever shear fork
take 4 pcs hydraulic cylinder, Reduce the Scissors level Stress Deformation Becuase of the Pushing force of the hydraulic cylinder,Make the structure more Steadily and Safety.  


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