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Tavol Overhead Cranes and Self-Propelled Scissor Lift are shipped to Algeria

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Tavol Overhead Cranes and Self-Propelled Scissor Lift are shipped to Algeria

Tavol Crane Group is a manufacturer of tower cranes,building construction hoists,scissor Lifts,overhead cranes and so on. Single Girder Overhead Crane consists of one girder supported on each side by an end truck. The electric hoist (electric wire rope hoist & electric chain hoist) are under hung—meaning they run on the bottom flange of the single girder. Single Girder Overhead Crane is typically less expensive due to:

1. Reduction in freight expenses

2. Faster installation

3. Simpler hoist and trolley design

4. Lighter runway beams

The self propelled electric scissor lift is widely used for the equipment installations and maintenance at the following places like construction sites workshops, warehouse, granary, bus/railway stations, hotels, airports, gas station and aerial pipeline. It is mainly used to lift workers to higher places for maintenance,cleaning or installation, normally from 4m to 12m high.

It is our standard model, so if you have any needs, please let us know the lift height.

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Today, our 2 sets of European type overhead cranes and one set of self-propelled scissor lift shipped to Algeria, We are very happy to serve for our new Algeria client again. We met them at 125 th canton fair, their company is one big service company in Algeria.They service for Building site, hotel, hospital equipment,bank equipment, shop and so on.They purchased our overhead crane and self-propelled scissor lift for their food workshop.They told me they like high quality goods,they compared many suppliers, finally, they decided to purchase our goods,they thought Tavol Overhead Cranes and Scissor Lift are good than others. Thanks for their support , with us your money in safe,your business in safe.

If you have any needs for Overhead Cranes or Scissor Lifts, please contact us. Hope we can building good cooperation with you.



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