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Tavol Brand Tower Crane Is Shipped to United Kingdom

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Today the 8ton load capacity Tower crane is being loaded into continer for our British client. Last week, after our workers hard working, the Tower Crane was finished productionaoon. Because the client need the Tower Crane urgently, so we should arrange the shippement before the New Year.

The Tower Crane details are as below:

Max Load is 8Ton

Tip Load is 1Ton

Jib Length is 55m

Mast size is 1.6*1.6*2.5 m

Height is free standing height

Tower Crane  tower crane 2_副本

This British customer has a big construction company. They have many building site and will build many building in UK in 2021. We have provided more than 10 sets Tower Cranes to this old client. They are very satisfied with our products, thanks for their support for long time.Before delivery, we made a lot of marks in advance, so that clients can install it easily.The Client very happy for our works of making the marks.

As for the painting of this tower crane, the main structure is yellow and the balance weight cage is black.Our Tower Crane’s Painting will be go through two top coats and two anti-rust paints. Aftyer patinting, it looks very beautiful and very strong. It will not be a problem to use it for several years near the river.The Masts’ clamps are by built-in welding, which is very strong and enhances the stability. And on the mast,there will be one rest platform,when the people tired,they can have a short rest on the platform,it is our one good design too.

And for our drive cabin with A/C not fan,it will improved operator comfort whether in summer or winter.The ladder of the tower crane will be welded inside the mast section, which is convenient for climbing and guarantees the safety of personnel.This ladder will be connected to the rest platform, again increasing the safety of personnel.

If you have similar project, please contact us.Hoping our Tower Cranes will beneift you too.If you need the Tower Cranes,please only let me know the main parameters as below:

Tip Load, Max Load, Jib Length, Building Height or Lifting Height, Local Voltage.

Looking forward your calling or email.