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Tavol 2 sets of 10ton Hydraulic Cargo Elevator Completed Installation in Bangladesh

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Tavol hydraulic warehouse cargo elevator is used in indoor or outdoor workplaces of the buildings and warehouses, lifting goods or pallets among different vertical floors. Provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access for goods to reach mezzanines, basements, and any levels in multi-storied buildings.

hydraulic cargo lift hydraulic elevator lift

We got cargo elevator inquiry from Bangladesh client on 10th,May ,2019. This customer is one of the biggest paint company in Bangladesh, they bought this cargo elevator to lift down paint bucket from second floor to ground floor in customer’s warehouse. After a long time comparison, as our hydraulic cargo lift is more stable and safe, customer choose Tavol hydraulic cargo lift to replace their old winch hoist. After 35 days manufacture, our vertical hydraulic cargo lifts were shipped to our Bangladesh customer and we supply installation service as soon as they got the goods from Chittagong port.

Main parameters for this cargo lift as follows for your reference:

Model: SJD10-7

Load capacity: 10ton

Lift height: 7m

Platform size: 2630*3850mm and 2700*3900mm

Power supply: 400V/50HZ/3P

As the platform size is very big, for the convenience of loading, we cut the platform into 2 pieces. And we will dispatch our professional installation team to help install. Tavol installation team have serviced in about 30 countries. Their work is fast, professional, experienced. They are praised by a lot of customer all over the world.

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