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Tavol 1.5 Ton Stationary Scissor Lift in Sri Lanka

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The stationary scissor lift platform is an electric hydraulic lift platform with a shear lifting structure, which has a huge weight, a smooth lift, and a stable structure. The load ranges from 0.2 to 20 tons and can be customized as needed. Stationary scissor lift can be installed in the foundation pit, and the platform is flat with the ground level. Stationary scissor lift can also be designed of special plate, for the forklift or the car to go from the board to the platform. The stationary scissor lift has the characteristics of stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance advantages.

We got stationary scissor lift inquiry from Sri Lanka customer on 20th,September,2019. After one month of discussion and confirming all details, the customer placed order on 30th, October,2019.

After 25 days, we completed production of SJG1.5-3.5 stationary scissor lift for our Sri Lanka customer. And before delivery, we tested this 1.5 ton fixed scissor lift platform several times to guarantee the product worked well. This scissor lift table was used to handle chemical in customer’s warehouse. As one of the biggest company in Sri Lanka, they are strict with the quality. So they finally chose Tavol as their supplier. And it’s really our honor to be listed in their supplier system.

stationary scissor lift_副本 Tavol stationary scissor lift_副本

Here is the information for this stationary scissor lift

1.Model: SJG1.5-3.5

2.Lift height: 3.5m

3.Load capacity: 1500kg

4.Platform size: 1200*1500mm

5.Includes interlock function

One December, 2019, our Sri Lanka customer finish installation of this stationary scissor lift according to our online guide. It’s easy to install, we can supply pit drawing, installation drawing and online support, so many customers can install by themselves.

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